Medical Marijuana, Inc.


Blake Schroeder, Esq.

Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer


For nearly 10 years, Blake Schroeder has been a leader at international direct sales companies, where he has helped them massively increase revenue.

As the former COO of ForeverGreen International, he drove the rebranding and growth of the company’s line of nutritional supplements in Europe. At MonaVie, he substantially grew the company’s European product line.

Initially taken by the passion and vision of the Medical Marijuana, Inc. staff, he contributes extensively to the strategic direction of the organization. He is also CEO for direct sales company Kannaway®, which sells hemp-based botanical products for health and wellness.

“I enjoy dramatically delivering performance results, improving operations, and pioneering new business strategies that bring natural hemp to people all over the world.”

Schroeder is also chiefly responsible for Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s domestic and international sales, as the company’s products have been legalized as medications in a variety of international markets. He is a firm believer in the power of hemp and its health properties and is excited to play a role in this growing industry.

Schroeder holds a B.S. in Finance from Utah State University, as well as JD from Syracuse University’s College of Law.