Medical Marijuana, Inc.


Caroline Heinz

Vice President, HempMeds Brasil

Caroline Heinz takes the reins of HempMeds® Brasil as its Director of Operations. Mrs. Heinz guides the company’s day to day functions to help spearhead its expansion in the country, including efforts to connect doctors and patients, open doors to new products, and more.

Heinz has played a vital role as part of the HempMeds® Brasil team since its launch in 2014, working on brand development and marketing. Previous to her involvement with HempMed® Brasil, Heinz worked in numerous high-level positions in various Brazilian and U.S. organizations such as world renowned media outlet TV Globo.

“HempMeds® Brasil has been instrumental in accessing cannabidiol in Brazil, where we work with thousands of families who need help legally accessing RSHO ™,” says Caroline. “I am very excited about this new responsibility within the company that I so admire.”

Mrs. Heinz earned her Masters of Business Administration degree from San Diego University for Integrative Studies, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Communications from UNIVERCIDADE, in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, majoring in Journalism.