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Cannabis 101

What is CBG?

A Beginner’s Guide to CBG: What is CBG and What Does It Do?

While CBG serves as the building block for other, more-recognizable beneficial cannabis compounds, the non-psychoactive…
marijuana dispensaries near me

How to Find the Best Marijuana Dispensary

Are you looking for the perfect dispensary? This guide will help you get started. How…
best medical marijuana strains

7 Popular Marijuana Strains in Dispensaries

There are now thousands of uniquely named marijuana strains on the shelves of dispensaries and…
rosin dabs

What is Rosin? Your Guide to Making Your Own Solventless Cannabis Extracts

This easy to follow guide reveals what rosin is, shows you how to make your…
autoflowering marijuana

What Is Autoflowering Marijuana?

Marijuana strains are classified as autoflowering or photoperiod. Here we dive into autoflowering strains and…
marijuana prices

Marijuana Sizes and Prices

Your guide to making good purchases when you visit your marijuana dispensary. Everything you need…
how to tell the difference between indica and sativa

Indica vs. Sativa vs. Hybrid: What’s the Difference?

Trying to choose between an indica or sativa? We can help! Cannabis strains are typically…
Storing Marijuana

How to Store Marijuana

Get the most out of your marijuana budget by storing your cannabis to preserve its…
odor proof luggage

Revelry Supply Odor Proof Bags Buyer’s Guide

Water resistant and odor absorbing bags from Revelry Supply keep your stash protected while traveling…
weed shatter extracts

Cannabis Extract and How to Use It

Everything you need to know about ways to consume cannabis extracts like oil, shatter, budder,…
cannabis grow kit

How to Grow Cannabis Indoors

Here’s a look at the basics for growing your own cannabis plants at home. While…
hemp foods diet

Cannabis as a Superfood: The Benefits of Adding Hemp to Your Diet

Hemp is a nutrient dense superfood that makes it easy to get the important vitamins,…