A New Cannabis Trend: CBD Cocktails

cocktails with cbd

Modern bartenders have started to mix small amounts of CBD into alcoholic mixed drinks.

People are regularly coming up with new and innovative ways to incorporate cannabidiol (CBD) into everyday products – from foods to beverages to body care products.

Today, CBD is mainstream. It seems like just about everyone is experimenting with CBD oil, and have started to mix it into coffees, smoothies, pasta sauces, and even guacamole.

Recently, CBD has even found itself added to perhaps the most unlikely of places – cocktails.

What are CBD Cocktails?

CBD cocktails are mixed alcoholic beverages that have been infused with CBD oil, an all-natural botanical extract made from cannabis plants like hemp.

Over recent years, CBD oil has become a popular supplement because it contains high levels of CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that supports the major system responsible for keeping the body balanced and running efficiently.

With a taste often described as “lightly grassy” or “earthy,” CBD oil blends in well with bold-flavored cocktails.

How are CBD Cocktails Made?

Bartenders and mixologists may use either CBD oil, CBD tinctures, or CBD drops to make CBD-infused cocktails.

CBD oil is the thick and viscous pure botanical extract taken directly from the plant. CBD tinctures offer CBD oil in a more liquefied form and are made by diluting pure CBD oil into an alcohol. While CBD oil is oil-based, CBD tinctures are alcohol-based, and the two integrate differently into cocktails.

Because oil is less dense than water, CBD oil will float to the top of a cocktail and add more to its smell and flavor as you take a sip. CBD oil works particularly well in cocktails that feature a healthy foam or head – such as a whiskey sour or blood orange martini – because it gets trapped in the drink’s upper layer.

Mixologists most of the time prefer to use CBD tinctures, because they integrate into cocktails and mix in thoroughly just like any other alcohol. CBD tinctures are also available in a variety of flavors, such as cinnamon or peppermint, which can add an extra zest to any cocktail.

CBD products can be added to cocktails in the same way any mixer is added. Some may opt to mix the CBD oil or CBD tincture with the rest of the beverage’s ingredients using a cocktail shaker. Others may prefer to stir in the CBD oil product. Commonly, bartenders will add drops of a CBD tincture or a squeeze of CBD oil to the top of a completed beverage.

cocktails adding cbd

Is CBD a Remedy for Hangovers?

You may have seen some claims that CBD is beneficial for curing or preventing hangovers caused by consuming too much alcohol. In reality, as of now there is not any evidence showing CBD as being beneficial for addressing hangover-related symptoms.

The best way to prevent hangovers, according to Medical News Today, is to drink alcoholic beverages in moderation or to avoid them altogether. The healthcare publication reports that the most effective cures include rest, rehydration, and sleep.

CBD supplements offer the greatest natural benefits when they’re incorporated into an everyday health routine. A CBD-infused cocktail is not the best way to obtain the balancing properties of CBD. Adding CBD oil or CBD tinctures can, however, be a fun way to add a twist to your favorite cocktails.

Is Adding CBD to Alcoholic Beverages Safe?

CBD oil products themselves have been found in studies to be safe and well tolerated, even at high serving sizes. Unlike THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid associated with marijuana, CBD is non-psychoactive and doesn’t cause a euphoric high. Side effects of CBD oil have been found to be minimal and sometimes include dry mouth, low blood pressure, lightheadedness, and drowsiness.

No matter whether CBD is added, alcoholic beverages themselves can be dangerous, particularly if consumed in high amounts. According to the United States National Library of Medicine, “alcohol slows your breathing rate, heart rate, and how well your brain functions” after only about 10 minutes. Alcohol use also slows reaction time and impairs judgment and coordination, which means drinking cocktails can increase the risk of falls and accidents. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that alcohol consumption is also associated with various cancers.

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