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Medical Marijuana, Inc. owns 100% of HempMeds® Brasil

HempMeds® Brasil

HempMeds® Brasil specializes in distribution of Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ products to patients in Brazil, where cannabidiol (CBD) oil is available only with a doctor’s prescription. 

The company became the first to offer legal medical cannabis products in Brazil when their CBD hemp oil products were approved by the country for import by those suffering from specific medical conditions. Along with individual patients, the government in Brazil also purchases RSHO™ CBD products for patients in the country as part of its public healthcare system.

HempMeds® Brasil supports patients interested in CBD as a treatment option, helps them find a doctor or medical specialist with knowledge of CBD, and assists these patients in the approval process to import RSHO™. 

Through a comprehensive outreach program, HempMeds® Brasil has generated a network of doctors throughout the country who are knowledgeable of the benefits of CBD and actively prescribe RSHO™ CBD products to their patients. 

To further ensure patients in Brazil are getting the treatment options they need, HempMeds® Brasil regularly hosts educational seminars for the country’s foremost physicians and medical specialists. 

These events are designed with the intention of giving leading doctors in the country the information they need regarding CBD’s safety and efficacy, how it interacts with the body, significant research on CBD, and best practices for prescribing CBD to patients.

Prior to the summer of 2014, the government of Brazil viewed all cannabis products, including non-psychoactive hemp, as an illegal, controlled substance. However, this changed with the family of a little girl, Anny Fischer. 

The Fischer family challenged the government for their right to provide their daughter with CBD, leading to an expedited court case. After just three days hearing the family’s case, the Brazilian courts ruled it “inhumane” to keep our RSHO™ from Anny. ANVISA, the federal health authority of Brazil, granted the Fischer family the first import authorization for RSHO™. 

In 2015, RSHO™ became the first CBD products to be fully subsidized by a government’s healthcare program. Having medical cannabis covered under the national health care of a country as large as Brazil is an important step towards the normalization of cannabinoids and other medical cannabis products as effective medications for patients.

The approval of our products eventually led to CBD being removed from Brazil’s controlled substances list and the approval of RSHO™. This was the tipping point, and after a series of historic rulings to follow, ANVISA removed CBD entirely from Brazil’s prohibited substance use list.

Since then, HempMeds® Brasil has helped thousands of patients in Brazil access the prescription CBD products they need.



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Matheus Patelli: Marketing & Sales Director

Graduated in International Relations with specialization in Marketing, Matheus has great experience in the consumer market. Leads the company´s sales and marketing team, being responsible for all brand presence, whether inside or outside digital environments. The motivating aspect of his work is the challenge of building and consolidating the image of a business that is still a big taboo worldwide.


RSHO™ Green Label

RSHO™ Green Label products are made with raw, unadulterated full-spectrum hemp oil, providing all the benefits of the natural hemp plant, including levels of CBDa, as well as CBD. RSHO™ Green Label products are available in pure hemp oil oral applicators, capsules, and liquids. 

RSHO™ Blue Label

RSHO™ Blue Label products are formulated with full-spectrum hemp oil that has undergone a process called decarboxylation. This step in our production heats our hemp oil to convert the CBDa to CBD, increasing its concentration. RSHO™ Blue Label products are available in pure hemp oil oral applicators, capsules, and liquids.

RSHO™ Gold Label

RSHO™ Gold Label products are formulated with full-spectrum hemp oil that has been decarboxylated like Blue Label products. The hemp oil in Gold Label products is also filtered to remove chlorophyll and excess waxes and plant material to produce a refined, golden colored oil that features an improved taste and higher CBD level. RSHO™ Gold Label products are available in pure hemp oil oral applicators, capsules, and liquids.


RSHO-X™ CBD liquid is formulated with MCT oil and 99 percent pure CBD isolate. Because it is made with CBD isolate, instead of full-spectrum hemp oil, RSHO-X™ contains no detectable levels of THC, perfect for patients in Brazil looking to avoid exposure to THC. 


HempMeds® Brasil’s exclusive RSHO-BR is a high potency CBD product designed just for patients in Brazil. RSHO-BR is formulated with full-spectrum hemp oil and MCT oil to create a pourable liquid CBD product. RSHO-BR contains the most CBD among the company’s liquid products. Each bottle provides a total of 5000 mg.  

RSHO™ Special Blend

RSHO™ Special Blend is a high strength pure hemp oil available in an oral applicator for easy measurement. Combining our original Blue and Gold Label CBD hemp oil varieties into one incredible blend, this full-spectrum hemp oil contains 3800 mg of CBD. 

RSHO™ Maximum Strength

Our strongest pure hemp oil product, RSHO™ Maximum Strength features 4500 mg of CBD. This CBD oil is formulated by combining our raw Green Label and decarboxylated and filtered Gold Label hemp oils for a complete blend of raw and decarboxylated cannabinoids. 

RSHO™ Salve

Hemp oil salve from RSHO™ is unique because it is applied topically by massaging it into the skin, muscles, and joints. RSHO™ Salve is formulated with non-GMO, full spectrum hemp CBD Oil, almond oil, beeswax, camphora essential oil, as well as our unique herbal extract. Each 1.3-ounce jar contains 50 mg of CBD.



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