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Medical Marijuana, Inc. owns 100% of HempMeds® Mexico

HempMeds® Mexico

HempMeds® Mexico focuses on providing cannabidiol (CBD) oil products from Medical Marijuana, Inc. to the Mexican population. The company introduced the first CBD rich cannabis oil products into Mexico, a country that is in the process of restructuring their policies regarding cannabis.

The company works with top researchers and physicians in the country to generate scientific studies on potential uses for CBD and makes sure that customers and health professionals who choose a CBD rich botanical extract such as RH Oil™, HempMeds Mexico´s flagship product, have the latest and up to date information.

Customers can order RH Oil™ directly from the company’s website. The company ships its CBD products, including RH Oil™, Active Relief Roll On, and RSHO™ CBD Salve, to thousands of customers throughout the country.

These products are made with the same European-grown non-GMO hemp and undergo the same Triple Lab Tested™ process as all Medical Marijuana, Inc. CBD oil products.

As Mexico continues to develop their cannabis policy, HempMeds® Mexico is prepared to offer a range of consumer products in addition to its currently available products, further expanding the reach of the company’s top quality CBD.

In January of 2016, Medical Marijuana, Inc. participated in and sponsored educational events throughout the country aimed at raising awareness about CBD hemp oil. These educational events were also intended to relay the correct information about CBD to Mexican health officials, lawmakers, and doctors, so they can make qualified decisions about the role of CBD products from hemp and their harmless non addictive and non-psychoactive nature.

HempMeds® Mexico continues to work to ensure access to CBD products for people in the country. To that end, Medical Marijuana Inc. has been working closely with our nonprofit partner in Mexico, the Por Grace Foundation, to educate parents and physicians on the potential uses and effects of CBD.



Raul Elizalde: President – Latin America

Raul Elizalde is one of the most notable cannabis advocates in Mexico. Founder of the Por Grace Foundation, Elizalde gained notoriety in Mexico after his daughter obtained the first permit in Mexico´s history to legally import a cannabis derived CBD rich product into Mexico, wining a standing ovation from Mexican society, including President Peña Nieto who shared stage with Elizalde to announce the country would pursue a compassionate new approach to the use of medical cannabis.

Elizalde is well versed in the politics and restrictions on medical cannabis use in Mexico, personally navigating the system to win the right to access CBD oil products for his daughter. Since then, he has worked alongside families facing similar circumstances seeking the benefits of CBD.

Elizalde provides his passion as an activist and his knowledge of Mexico’s cannabis regulations to his role as President of HempMeds® Mexico, helping to shape the company competitively within Mexico’s shifting position on medical cannabis use.

Elizalde also contributes to the company’s expansion across the Latin American market from its headquarters in Monterrey.


RH Oil™

RH Oil™ is a CBD oil product with no detectable THC. Because it contains no THC, this product is non-intoxicating and safe to use by everyone. RH Oil™, available in 236 ml and 118 ml sizes, is formulated with 99% pure CBD isolate, refined from our top quality European-grown hemp. This CBD isolate is blended with MCT oil, an effective carrier oil, to create a pourable liquid CBD product.  

Active Relief Roll On

Active Relief Roll-On blends 50 mg hemp extract with menthol and carefully chosen botanical ingredients in a conveniently compact roll-on bottle. Designed to apply directly onto the skin, Active Relief Roll-On allows you to deliver the balancing benefits of CBD and cooling activity of menthol right where they’re needed. Active Relief Roll-On comes in a convenient 2.5 fluid ounce (74 mL) bottle with a rolling ball set into its top.


RSHO™ CBD Salve is a topical product designed to be applied directly to the skin’s surface, where the active ingredients are absorbed and interact with receptors. This CBD salve is formulated with non-GMO, full spectrum hemp CBD Oil, almond oil, beeswax, camphora essential oil, as well as our unique herbal extract. Each 1.3-ounce jar contains 50mg of CBD.


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