A letter from Stuart Titus, CEO

July 4, 2016

A letter from Dr. Stuart Titus, CEO


When we established our company in 2009, we created a set of goals. Our first? Deliver high-quality, health-focused cannabinoid oil products from hemp to families all over the world.

Since then, we’ve amassed more than a dozen industry firsts, from setting quality standards to becoming the first country to deliver legal medical cannabis products to families in Brazil.

In the last few years, we’ve seen a number of businesses move into the CBD hemp oil space. But this has made us even more determined to expand our global reach, bolster our research, and deliver body-balancing cannabinoids to the people who need them.

So, as a potential investor, you’re probably wondering: Will Medical Marijuana, Inc. enter the cannabis / marijuana space?

If marijuana is legalized on the federal level, it could be a $120 billion industry. If and when that happens, we expect to grab our fair share of the market.

In fact, we’re already primed to do so, thanks to a diversified portfolio of companies that includes a world-class distributor of cannabinoid-rich hemp oil, leading cannabinoid pharmaceutical development companies, and a socially conscious direct sales company.

As a company, Medical Marijuana, Inc. invests heavily in scientific development, reaping the health benefits of the full spectrum of cannabinoids, which play a natural, fundamental role in a healthy lifestyle. But we’re also helping families in Puerto Rico, Mexico, and other countries gain access to CBD products, which many use to treat chronic diseases and urgent medical problems.

So, we’re not just on the forefront of development, we’re on the forefront of access.

We believe that if you invest right now, it might be similar to investing in Jim Beam or Anheuser Busch right before the end of prohibition. At the moment, cannabis stocks aren’t getting the attention they deserve, but this may present an excellent entry point for investors willing to take a risk and develop this industry, which is undergoing rapid, positive change.

Dr. Stuart Titus, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
Medical Marijuana, Inc.

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