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Kannactiv™ is a three step boxed set for complete skincare regimen in a single package. Formulated to help troubled skin, the full Kannactiv™ line is built on three basic steps:

Activate – A gentle scrub to wipe away dirt, excess oil and dry, dead skin cells.

Balance – A nutrient-rich, alcohol-free toner with natural astringent and pH balancing properties that deeply cleanses the pores without excessive drying of the skin.

Clarify – A light moisturizer that hydrates and protects skin cells to function at their optimal level giving you healthy, radiant looking skin.

When used together, the complete Kannactiv™ product line cleans, balances, and moisturizes skin for a clearer, more radiant you.

Kannactiv™ is available to shareholders on the Medical Marijuana, Inc. Store, or to the general public through Kannaway.