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Kannakick™ is a first of its kind functional chew, combining CBD hemp oil and energy supplements into one delicious product. Launched “420 Weekend” in 2014 in Colorado, Kannaway® entered into a global functional food market valued at $221 billion with its Kannakick™ hemp oil chews under the spotlight of Colorado’s newly legal cannabis market.

Each Kannakick™ chew contains 5 mg of CBD from hemp oil and 100 mg of encapsulated delayed-release caffeine, about the same as a strong cup of coffee. At just 20 calories, Kannakick™ is a healthy alternative to energy drinks and power shots.

With a taffy like consistency, Kannakick™ is a delicious fruit chew, but featuring sustained energy through the day, they provide an on-the-go boost and all the benefits of CBD hemp oil in a convenient supplement.