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Designed for the discerning, well styled woman or man, Cannabis Beauty Defined® is a luxury experience from packaging to product. Formulated for those who care about lasting, youthful skin, this anti-aging line of products contains CBD hemp oil and exclusive Bi-Bong™ herbal blends for dynamic skincare, yet all products in the brand are created free of dyes, fragrances, parabens, and sulfates.

Cannabis Beauty Defined® products bring natural CBD from hemp oil to high-end skin care for the first time in their exclusive products. Their multi-step skincare line features products for every need, from exfoliators and cleansers to moisturizers and toners, for a complete CBD oil regimen.


Rev!ve™ is a unique CBD hemp oil supplement specifically designed for each part of the day. Rooted in optimal health and homeostasis, the Rev!ve™ line of products were crafted to optimize energy throughout the day to increase vitality and promote balance within the body.

The Rev!ve™ line addresses the full body with tinctures, capsules, and salves for application inside and out, nourishing skin, improving mental clarity, and encouraging a healthy sleep cycle. Formulated with nutrient-rich supplement blends built upon time-tested, proprietary ancient herbal formulations, Rev!ve™ contains CBD from hemp paired with synergistic Bi-Bong™ herbs, vitamin D, and sustainably sourced MCT oil.


HempVĀP® was the first CBD hemp oil vaporizer product on the market, providing a sleek and portable alternative to smoking.

The HempVĀP® line includes a variety of unique vaping flavors but doesn’t contain the high-nicotine synthetic “juice” found in other vapes, electronic cigarettes, and hookahs. That means no smoke, no nicotine, and no high. Instead, HempVĀP® is designed for custom botanical cartridges that are infused with full spectrum CBD hemp oil for fun, flavorful vaporizing.

The unique and innovative HempVĀP® is the healthy alternative for everyday use.


Kannactiv™ is a three-step daily skin care line featuring synergistic CBD/Bi-Bong™ formulas for clear, noticeably clean, even toned, and healthy-looking skin. The Kannactiv™ daily regimen for troubled skin is made of all-natural high-quality formulas designed to provide a healthy-looking complexion. The full Kannactiv™ line is built on three basic steps to gently scrub away dirt, excess oil, and dry, dead skin, tone and balance the skin, and lightly moisturize and protect skin.

For clearer, noticeably clean, even toned, and healthy looking skin, Kannactiv™ is infused with antioxidants found in natural hemp and boosted with proprietary East Asian herbal formulas. These proven Bi-Bong™ formulas and traditional plant-based extracts found in Kannactiv™ have been passed down by revered doctors of East Asia as ideal for troubled skin


KannaKick™ is a first-of-its kind functional food chew that features CBD hemp oil and 100 mg of natural delayed-release encapsulated caffeine, about as much as a strong cup of coffee. Kannakick™ is designed for those with an active lifestyle, and at just 20 calories it is a healthier alternative to many of the sugary energy-themed snacks and drinks on the market. KannaKick™ is just like your favorite fruit chew, but it delivers sustained energy and a feeling of focus as you go throughout your day.