Medical Marijuana, Inc.


Michelle L. Sides, Esq.

Board of Directors


Before she joined Medical Marijuana, Inc., Sides served as COO for HDDC, also known as San Diego’s CannaBANK®, a Medical Marijuana, Inc. major shareholder that funds the research of hemp-based opportunities.  

Sides has experience as an attorney and director of company growth, previously serving as Executive Vice President and General Counsel for EH Building Group II, LLC, one of Florida’s fastest-growing developers in 2006-2008. The company won awards for design, marketing, and production.

“I became a part of Medical Marijuana, Inc. because I could see the changes that could be made, how lives would significantly benefit from bringing CBD to the market, and honestly, to make a difference.”

Before she joined EH, she served as the Legal and Operations Manager for the Commonwealth Network Corporation and the Director of Legal Affairs for Power Sports, Inc. focusing on corporate and real estate transaction law.

Sides is a member of the Florida State Bar Association, and she earned her Bachelor of Science from Palm Beach Atlantic College, where she majored in Business and Organizational Management. She lives in San Diego.