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Medical Marijuana, Inc. owns 50% of MPS International®

Founded in January of 2014, MPS International is an all-inclusive security solution for cannabis businesses and the nation’s first security and armored transport service provider to the cannabis industry. To help cannabis business owners overcome the security complexities caused by industry regulations, MPSI focuses on providing armed and unarmed security for retail and grow operations, inventory and revenue transport, compliance oversight, workplace surveillance and protection to the medical and recreational cannabis industry.

Since MPSI operations began, the company has expanded the business from its first state, Colorado, to include other medical and recreational marijuana markets in California, Maryland, Illinois, Washington, Nevada, and Arizona.

Due to banking regulations and the existence of the cannabis industry as a primarily cash business, MPSI works with clients to manage their cash on hand securely and responsibly. MPSI also moves inventory, such as various cannabis products, between grow facilities, testing labs, processors, and retail outlets.

MPS International is the first security and logistics company dedicated to serving the cannabis industry.

In addition to transportation services, MPSI offers video surveillance and skilled security personnel to provide compliance with local and state cannabis industry regulations and to ensure the safety of the customers and staff of all types of cannabis businesses.

Featured on Bloomberg, Time.com, Fortune, and Yahoo, MPSI has seen rapid growth within the industry, allowing them to secure high profile contracts, like the “420 Weekend” events at the Denver Mart and the popular Hempfest in Seattle. MPSI continues to look to expand its services to additional markets as more states legalize cannabis in the near future.