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Established by security industry veterans, MPSI is the first company to offer a comprehensive range of services for the medical and recreational cannabis industries. MSPI services include physical security, video surveillance, and secure transport by armored vehicle. Addressing safety for its clients in an extremely high risk industry, MPSI transports product from grow to wholesaler, warehouse, testing facilities, bakeries, infusion laboratories, and finally to retail locations.

Retail Store Security

Medical and recreational retail stores make up one of the fastest growing segments of the cannabis industry. These small businesses can be high risk targets for theft and other crime, given the desirable products they stock and the amount of cash they carry on hand. MPSI offers full service security solutions for all types of legal marijuana retailers.

Transportation of Assets

Any business requires the free flow of products to customers in order to be successful. The marijuana industry in no different. Unfortunately, due to the legal inconsistencies between federal, state and local laws, businesses in the cannabis industry often find it difficult to safely protect product and cash when it is moved from one location to another. In addition, criminals often target cash and assets when they are being moved since this is a highly vulnerable point in the supply chain.

MPSI is the premier security firm in the transportation of assets for the cannabis industry. With trained officers and an established transportation network, can safely transport cash, product and other assets.

Grow Operations Security

Marijuana grow operations are often targeted locations for crime and theft. Due to the nature of the grow operation, security presence is often the best deterrents to potential thefts. MPSI is the premier security firm for grow sites and operations, offering comprehensive security plans that include uniformed officers, surveillance and alarm systems.

Electronic Surveillance

Electronic Surveillance is an essential and required element of any medical marijuana dispensary, retail marijuana store, grow and processing facility. Passive security systems like cameras and alarms provide business owners and employees with a way to monitor different elements of the business from one central location. These systems are a cornerstone for MPSI’s clients.