Medical Marijuana, Inc.


Raul Elizalde

President, Latin America


Raul Elizalde is one of the most notable cannabis advocates in Mexico. Founder of the Por Grace Foundation, Elizalde gained notoriety in Mexico after he joined President Peña Nieto on stage shortly before the President announced the country would pursue a compassionate new approach to the use of medical cannabis.

Elizalde is well versed in the politics and restrictions on medical cannabis use in Mexico, personally navigating the system to win the right to access CBD oil products for his daughter. Since then, he has worked alongside families facing similar circumstances seeking the benefits of CBD.

Elizalde provides his passion as an activist and his knowledge of Mexico’s cannabis regulations to his role as President of HempMeds® Mexico, helping to shape the company competitively within Mexico’s shifting position on medical cannabis use.

Elizalde also contributes to the company’s expansion across the Latin American market from its headquarters in Monterrey.