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Rev!ve® is a unique CBD hemp oil supplement specifically designed for each part of the day. Designed to help achieve optimal health and homeostasis, the Rev!ve line of products were crafted to optimize energy throughout the day.

The Rev!ve® line addresses the full body with tinctures, capsules, and salves for application inside and out. Formulated with nutrient-rich supplement blends built upon time-tested, proprietary ancient herbal formulations, Rev!ve® contains CBD from hemp paired with synergistic Bi-Bong™ herbs, vitamin D, and sustainably sourced MCT oil.

Exclusive to Kannaway®, the Rev!ve® brand can be purchased from the Kannaway® website or through a Kannaway® brand ambassador. A new, integrated way to think about CBD supplements, Rev!ve® supplements are a lifestyle brand for a more consciously healthy approach to life.