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Enhance your dry herb and extract experiences with this carefully curated selection of the best accessories. Featuring grinders, storage containers, cleaning supplies, pipes, and dab-rigs, you’ll find all the tools you need to complete your vaping or smoking collection. 

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Why Buy Herb and Extract Accessories?

Herb and extract accessories can provide you with a cleaner, easier, and more flavorful smoking or dabbing experience. The right accessory such as a storage container, grinder, pipe, or rig can help maximize the natural benefits of your favorite dry herbs and herbal extracts.

Storage Solutions for Your Dry Herb and Extracts

Proper storage of your dry herab and concentrates preserves their potency and flavor, ensuring a cleaner, more beneficial, and greater tasting experience. An ideal storage solution protects your herbs and concentrates from exposure to light and air, which can degrade their botanical compounds and unsettle their consistency. Medical Marijuana Inc. carries storage accessories designed for both dry herbs and concentrates.

For dry herb, we offer storage containers from TightVac, available in two sizes: 57L and 2.35L. TightVac herb containers feature patented partial vacuum seal technology, preserving your herbs for a year or more. These herb containers are also water resistant, and will adequately protect your herb from getting wet or moldy.

To preserve your concentrates and waxy oils, we offer a high-quality silicone storage ball from KandyPens. The KandyPens Storage Ball splits open easily so you can handily access and load your extracts as needed. When closed, the concentrates ball effectively keeps out air and light.

Grinders to Break Up Dry Herbs

Grinders are a crucial tool for breaking up dry herbs and flower prior to vaping, smoking, or making edibles. A finer consistency of herbs can be packed into vaporizer chambers or pipe bowls more tightly, increasing surface area to ensure more even heating for smoother draws.

Compared to using your hands, grinders are designed to shred dry herb into a more even consistency to improve your overall experience.

Our top-line grinder selection is the aluminum 4-Piece Herbivore Grinder. It features a larger 63 mm size so you can grind up more herb at one time. Its three chambers make it easy to remove your freshly ground herb and a kief catcher at the bottom catches valuable kief.

We also offer an aluminum 2-Piece Herbivore Grinder in a smaller 48 mm size. This 2-piece grinder’s more simplistic design is ideal for dry herb beginners, people always on-the-go, or anyone seeking streamlined performance.

For a cost-effective solution, our 2-piece Wood Grinder is made of rosewood with metal pegs and is a great basic tool for occasional dry herb consumers.

Pipes for Inhaling Dry Herbs and Concentrates

Pipes are one of the most common smoking accessories for botanical herbs. Medical Marijuana, Inc. also has curated a unique collection of the best pipes for inhaling the botanical benefits of dry herbs and concentrates. We’ve compiled the best-of-the-best smoking accessories from respected brands like Marley Natural, Eyce, Prometheus, Famous Brandz, and Higher Standards. From pipes to bubblers to dab rigs, you’ll find just the right smoking herb accessory you need for the ultimate inhalation experience.


The most popular way to enjoy inhaling dry herbs, pipes come in an array of sizes and shapes. Pipes work by lighting freshly ground herb loaded in the pipe’s bowl and then inhaling the smoke through a mouthpiece.

For quick draws and short smoking sessions, the Marley Natural Glass Taster is perfect for a puff or two. Made of borosilicate glass, the Glass Taster is smaller and shaped like a tiny cigar, perfect for taking with you.

For sessions made up of multiple draws, the Marley Natural Rise Up Spoon is a borosilicate glass spoon-style pipe with a bowl chamber and long stem. You may also enjoy the Marley Natural Glass Steamroller, with oversized stem for thicker clouds of smoke.

Those looking for ultra portable pipes may prefer the Prometheus Pocket Pipe by Pyptek, which is made of borosilicate glass but encased in an aerospace-grade aluminum shell. Another portable pipe option is the Eyce Spoon, with a recessed borosilicate bowl and durable silicone stem and mouthpiece.

Water Pipes for Dry Herbs

Water pipes, also called bongs or bubblers, are pipes that add the use of water to cool and filter smoke before you inhale for smoother, cooler hits. These herb smoking accessories are equipped with a chamber that can be filled with water.

Those seeking a classic-style bubbler will appreciate the Marley Natural Rise Up Bubbler and Eyce Hammer Bubbler. Both utilize borosilicate glass, but the Eyce Hammer Bubbler is also made with top quality silicone for more durability.

Anyone looking to enjoy larger hits will likely prefer a selection from our curated collection of bongs, which are larger water pipes more appropriate for at-home use. Featuring a traditional baker-style bong shape and functionality, the Marley Natural Rise Up Water Pipe is made of entirely borosilicate glass and features an eight slot glass percolator plus an ice catcher for ultimately cool draws.

The premium Higher Standards Beaker Water Pipe is also made of borosilicate glass and comes with a six-slit percolator and prong style ice catcher to improve smoke quality and coolness. It comes in a reusable collector’s case for safe storage and transport.

Feature Eyce’s trademark colorful silicone body, the Eyce Beaker is great for anyone interested in smoking with their water pipe while on-the-go. A borosilicate glass bowl evenly heats your dry herbs, and an ice catcher is there if you prefer ice cold draws.

Offering dual bong and dab-rig functionality, the Famous Brandz Snoop Dogg Pounds Starship Water Pipe utilizes a male connector so you can easily switch between a glass bowl for dry herbs or a nail or bucket for concentrates.

Best Dab Rigs for Concentrates

Designed for flash vaporizing your botanical extracts and concentrates, dab rigs use functionality similar to water pipes. Smoke first passes through water to be filtered and cooled before reaching the mouthpiece. Medical Marijuana Inc. carries a number of dab rigs to choose from.

Dabbing beginners will appreciate the Higher Standards Rig Kit, which has everything you need to get started. Organized in a sleek collector’s box, you’ll find a rig and quartz banger (bucket) made of thick borosilicate glass, plus accessories such as a four chamber silicon container to hold your concentrates, and premium dab tools.

From Eyce, we offer two dab rigs made from impact resistant and lightweight silicone. The highly-functional Eyce Rig II features a reversible 100mm titanium nail, slots to hold your dab tools, and a build-in concentrates container. For those who prefer dabbing with a quartz banger, the Eyce Sidecar Rig is an ideal dab rig choice. Plus, an external male fitting allows you to swap out the quartz bucket for a titanium or ceramic nail if you prefer. It also features a built-in dab tool holder and hidden concentrates container.

Cleaning Accessories

Keeping your pipes, dab rigs, and other accessories clean maximizes the flavor and performance of your sessions. Whether you’re a casual dry herb or concentrates consumer or aficionado, regularly caring for your smoking, vaping, and dabbing devices will lead to the most elevated experiences.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. offers the Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit, a high-end accessory kit that comes with everything needed to properly care for your pipe bowls, dab nails, vaporizer cartridges, silicone surfaces, and more. This cleaning kit comes with isopropyl alcohol and salt rocks, plus an array of pipe cleaners and rags so you can get to every nook and cranny.

Where to Buy Herb and Extract Accessories

Medical Marijuana, Inc. has curated a full range of the best accessories, including storage containers, grinders, pipes, and cleaning supplies, in our online shop. Need some guidance on selecting which accessories might be best for you? We’re here to help with our Accessories Buyer’s Guide.