Dr. Dabber Boost Vaporizer - Black Edition

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Introducing the Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition, the latest in the Dr. Dabber line of top quality vaporizers. This portable, battery-powered e-Rig for dabbing botanical oils and waxes comes in an elegant, special-edition wooden box. The Boost activates at the touch of a button, using a modular heating element to bring the device to optimal temperature. To replicate the desktop dabbing experience, the Boost features an optional glass water filtration piece. After about 30 seconds, the light on the e-Rig will turn blue, indicating that it has reached temperature. From there, simply choose from the quartz, ceramic or titanium nails included in the kit for a dabbing session personalized to your tastes. Capable of 20 to 30 uses on a single battery charge, Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition offers a superior vaping experience.