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About Atmos Vape

Atmos has made a name for themselves by being an innovator in the vaporizer market. Self described as pioneers of the portable vaporizer industry, the company was one of the first to manufacture and sell portable vaporizer pens. While vaporizers were once limited to larger desktop devices, Atmos has helped spearhead the development of portable vaporizers by securing the first-ever patent for a portable pen vaporizer.

Atmos’s in-house engineering and design team allows them to continuously introduce new features and new products to maintain their status as makers of top quality vape pens, like the Atmos Jewel, Atmos Nano, Atmos Jump, Atmos Boss, and more. A vast amount of knowledge, talent, and innovation goes into the development of every Atmos vape, and the top-ranking company prides itself on helping shape and push the vaporizer industry further.

Atmos Nation, LLC backs this superior quality with its 5 year limited manufacturer’s warranty, so you can buy with confidence that you’ll be using your Atmos vape pen for years to come. Atmos is undisputedly a market leader in vaping, and has been acknowledged for its innovative, high-quality vaporizers in countless magazine features, reviews, and other influential outlets within the vaping industry.

Atmos vapes vary in design, with some made specifically for vaping dry herb and others built for vaping concentrates and extract oils, such as CBD oil. Some vaporizers from Atmos offer dual compatibility and are capable of vaping both dry herb and extracts.

Before we feature our store’s best selling Atmos vapes, let’s look at how to use your Atmos vape pen and what to look for when choosing the Atmos vape pen that is best for you.

Parts of the Atmos Vape

Atmos vaporizer pens are made up of a few different components that come together to make the complete vape pen. Most vape pens come as a complete pen, while others allow you to buy the pieces separately for customization or replacement of vape pen components.

The cartridge, sometimes called a tank or pod, is where you dispense your dry herb or herbal extract in your Atmos vaporizer. These can be made of a combination of materials, including glass, plastic, and steal. The cartridges are usually designed to fit a specific battery; however, some others are universally sized to fit any standard 510 thread battery.

Your Atmos vape cartridge will then attach to its battery, the power source for the vape pen’s atomizer. Once the Atmos vape battery is turned on, it will begin heating your botanical dry herbs or concentrates up to either a single optimized temperature setting or to the temperature you select, depending on the make and design of your Atmos vape.

Atmos portable vaporizers come with a USB charger to make recharging easy. Simply plug or screw the included Atmos USB charger into your Atmos battery and plug the USB charging device into any USB port.

Advantages of Vaping with Atmos Vape

Vaping has grown in popularity in recent years, largely due to its advantages over consumption methods like smoking, including avoiding negative health effects and offering an inoffensive smell.

Vaporizers, like Atmos vapes, safely release active compounds because they heat your vape material to a much lower temperature, avoiding combustion and the creation of harmful toxins, carcinogens, carbon monoxide, and particulate matter created when smoking. Instead, Atmos vapes produce pure botanical vapor that is gentle on the throat and lungs.

Compared to many other methods of consumption, vaping offers the quickest onset of effects. The pathway the active compounds travel from the lungs to the bloodstream happens nearly instantaneously. Once you inhale the vapor produced from the Atmos vape, the active ingredients diffuse into your body through the lungs right away. This is particularly advantageous to botanical consumers seeking fast natural effects from their Atmos vape.

The scent produced by vaporizers is greatly reduced compared to combustion methods as well. This is a great benefit for those looking to vaporize discretely or anyone wanting to prevent the smell from accumulating in the house, on clothing, and in hair. Any odor produced by vapor will dissipate in minutes and won’t disturb your family members, roommates, or neighbors.

Built with portability in mind, Atmos vapes allow you to enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of vaping botanicals, no matter where life takes you. These high-quality portable vape pens easily slip into pockets and purses, and heat quickly so that you can discreetly enjoy your vape sessions while you’re on-the-go. Atmos vaporizers can be used anywhere, indoors or outdoors.

Types of Atmos Vape to Choose From

Medical Marijuana, Inc. has carefully curated a selection of portable Atmos vapes to meet the vaping needs and preferences of everyone.

Choose between the following Atmos vape pens in the Medical Marijuana, Inc. store:

Atmos Nano

The Atmos Nano Vaporizer is an easy-to-use, pen-style vaporizer designed for vaping botanical waxy concentrates. This popular Atmos vape features a quartz rod heating element and advanced battery with printed circuit board.

Beginners and advanced vaping enthusiasts both appreciate the Atmos Nano Vape for its reliable cloud production and its hassle-free single-button functionality. The Atmos Nano Waxy Vape Pen features a stealthy, sleek black design, making it perfect for vaping on-the-go.

Atmos Jump

For dry herb enthusiasts seeking simplicity, the Atmos Jump Vaporizer streamlines the vaping experience. A cross between a portable vaporizer and a vape pen, the Atmos Jump dry herb vaporizer features a powerful 1200 mAh battery and a single optimized temperature setting that works for most vaping preferences.

The Atmos Jump’s ceramic chamber holds a generous amount of dry herb, and convection-based heating ensures safe, smooth, flavorful clouds of vapor. This Atmos herbal vaporizer heats in a rapid 10 seconds and is draw activated, producing vapor automatically as you take a pull from its mouthpiece.

The Atmos Jump comes in carbon black, carbon gold, red, blue, and green color options.

Atmos Boss

The Atmos Boss Vaporizer is a sleekly designed vape pen crafted for enjoying the botanical benefits of vaping dry herbs. Built to produce flavorful clouds worth savoring, this popular Atmos wax pen is equipped with a high-power 1200mAh battery and a high-grade stainless steel herb chamber. A single button on the Atmos Boss controls power and draw, making this a top vaporizer choice for both beginners and advanced dry herb vaping consumers.

Atmos Vicod 5G

Vaping enthusiasts who value versatility will appreciate the Atmos Vicod 5G, a fully portable vaporizer that works with both dry herbs and waxy concentrates. This dry herb vape comes with a waxy cup, allowing you to vape all of your favorite botanical materials. The Atmos Vicod 5G features fully a convection ceramic oven and an advanced heating system, allowing you to choose between a temperature range of 300°F-435°F for personalized vape sessions. For a bit more durability, this Atmos vaporizer is encased in scratch-resistant rubber.

How to Buy Real Atmos Vape Pens

A quick search or “Atmos vape pen review” will offer some perspective of the quality and reliability of Atmos vapes. But, you want to be sure you buy your Atmos vaporizer from a reliable source.

Imitators sell inferior Atmos vape pen knockoffs online at retail outlets like Amazon. Instead of buying your Atmos vape on Amazon, purchase your vaporizer from a trusted official Atmos retailer like Medical Marijuana, Inc. Shop now for your new favorite Atmos vape.