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About Carrington Farms Hemp Foods

Since 1999, Carrington Farms has been innovating ways to deliver high quality, organic seeds, oils, and grains for healthy living. This family run business was started by Dave Eben and Brad Miller when they put their heads together to sell high quality, organic teas with the Carrington name. Dave later learned of the importance of flax and hemp in a healthy diet as well as the immense health benefits that can be achieved through eating wholesome foods and Carrington Farms has been growing and producing the best organic foods in the industry ever since.

From humble beginnings of running the business out of Dave’s parents basement to the nationally recognized brand it is today, Carrington Farms has brought healthy wholesome foods like hemp seeds and hemp snacks to family tables across the globe. Carrington Farms remains committed to the importance of wholesome nutritious foods, and family to this day.

Sourcing natural, organic products directly from local farmers in the Philippines, Carrington Farms is abe to bring simple, clean, and real foods into the world. A focus on community and quality allows Carrington Farms to bring wholesome foods to those in need. The company sponsors Carrington Cares, a foundation that brings healthy food to homeless shelters and impoverished neighborhoods to ensure access to healthy wholesome foods is a right deserved by all.

Nutritional Benefits of Carrington Farms Hemp Foods

Natural, organic hemp seeds are the only plant-based food that is considered a complete protein, containing all essential amino acids. Flax seeds are considered one of the most nutritious superfoods on the market. By blending the two superfood seeds together in the right proportions, Carrington Farms is able to harness the power of these protein packed foods to bring easy, nutritional boosts to any recipe.

Rich in Omega-3’s and other fatty acids, Carrington Farms Flax Hemp Blend brings healthy, wholesome foods in an easy to use product. The buttery, nut-like taste of hemp complements the richness of the flax, while bringing hefty amounts of nutritional fiber with every serving. Organically and sustainably farmed, the high quality taste and healthy essential minerals provide increased energy and wholesome, healthy living.

Hemp seeds are a tasty and nutrition-packed addition to any diet, delivering a wide array of benefits that contribute to a complete diet.

Carrington Farms Hemp Foods to Buy

The Medical Marjiuana Inc. online store carries wholesome hemp foods from Carrington Farms to add a healthy boost to your favorite recipes and snacks.

Carrington Farms Organic Flax Hemp Blend

A flavorful blend of hemp and flax seeds toasted to perfection. Carrington Farms hemp flax seed blend is a wholesome treat that can add a nutritional boost to every meal. This delicious hemp food combines organic milled flax seeds with organic hemp seeds into one nutrition-filled snack. Packed with essential amino acids and 5 grams of fat per serving, the rich organic seeds are blended to provide a healthy crunch to any recipe or snack.

How to Eat Carrington Farms Hemp Foods

With its nutty flavor and satisfying crunch, Carrington Farms Organic Flax Hemp Blend is delicious enough to snack straight from the bag. They can also be a wonderful addition to many of your favorite foods. Sprinkle the hemp and flax seed mixture on top of cereals, yogurts, and salads. It can even be blended into a morning smoothies, or added to the batter of muffins, and other bake recipes to add nutritional benefits to any meal while still maintaining a healthy, wholesome lifestyle.

Buy Carrington Farms Hemp Foods Online

With every product on grocery shelves making claims like “all natural” and “organic,” it can be hard to find out what products actually boost health. That’s why the Medical Marijuna Inc. online store provides detailed information for our carefully curated selection of hemp foods to help make the best choice for you. Shop Carrington Farms Hemp Foods in our online store today.