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About Combie Engineering

By breaking onto the scene in March 2015 with a brilliantly designed grinder, Combie has cemented themselves as heavy hitters in the vaping industry. By using a unique, fiberglass-reinforced nylon material, Combie Engineering has managed to reinvent the traditional grinder.

By engineering an all-in-one device that fits in a pocket for easy travel, Combie Engineering has changed the industry standard and with innovative design and functionality, has quickly made itself the envy of the industry.

By executing every design with the rigor and passion that Combie Engineering has become known for, the result is a revolutionary grinder that has made smoking or vaping on the go easy and affordable

Combie Engineering Grinders

The Combie Engineering grinders are a reimagined design that takes advantage of all-in-one convenience. A large storage chamber holds up to two grams of ground dry herb in a smell proof, tightly sealed chamber that keeps your favorite product safe and secure.

Equipped with storage for rolling papers on the backside, it creates the perfect environment for easy access to your favorite dry herbs so you can roll on the go. With an included pick tool and a separate mixing chamber, the Combie Engineering grinders are built to be carried around town and enjoyed.

A Combie grinder helps optimize your experience when using a dry herb vaporizer, pipe, or rolling papers to inhale botanicals. By grinding your favorite flower into even bits, the aromatic qualities are released and aerated more efficiently.

By creating an all-in-one tool, constructed from durable fiberglass-reinforced nylon, Combie has made itself known as a company that isn't afraid to break the mold and is constantly improving their designs to perfect the portable grinder as an art form. A company that thinks outside the box and innovates on classic designs.

Available Grinders

The Medical Marijuana, Inc. online shop carries Combie Engineering’s revolutionary herb grinder products to ensure the most pleasurable, convenient experience available.

Combie Classic Grinder

A grinder that consistently performs and is perfect for travel, the Combie Classic Grinder is a 4-in-1 device that not only grinds your favorite dry herbs, but also has a large built-in storage container, a back panel to store rolling papers, and a tool chamber to store the included pick.

Built from durable, revolutionary, fiberglass-reinforced nylon, the Combie Classic Grinder is the most affordable high-quality grinder on the market that can travel wherever your adventure takes you.

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When shopping for the latest innovations in the industry, it can be difficult to compare and browse all the technologies available. That’s why the Medical Mariujana, Inc. online shop carries Combie grinders to make sure you have the right equipment to enhance your experience. Shop our selection from Combie Engineering now.