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About Deva Nutrition

Deva Nutrition has been implementing and innovating with vegetarian and vegan vitamin and mineral supplements since 2003. The company is founded on the importance of bringing plant-based supplements like hemp seed oil capsules into the hands of consumers as well as educating consumers on the importance of healthy supplements. Rapidly expanding and constantly improving, Deva has been able to grow its distribution channel to one of the largest in the industry.

All Deva product facilities are GMP certified and FDA regulated to ensure purity and high quality standards that help to naturally process the healthiest supplements available. All 100% vegan and vegetarian supplements are registered by the Vegan Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to healthy living. Deva Vegan contributes to and sustains the company mission by providing the highest quality vegan supplements available and supporting other networks and manufacturers who believe in healthy sustainable eating.

Deva Nutrition is a committed member of Green America and believes in naturally sustainable cultivation and extraction practices. Long supporters of socially just principles such as organic farms, fair trade, and cruelty-free products, Deva is committed to protecting animal rights. Much more than a vitamin company, Deva Vegan Vitamins aims to be a sustainable example of healthy prosperity.

Benefits of Deva Vegan Hemp Oil Capsules

Deva Vegan Hemp Oil Capsules bring all the nutritional benefits of the hemp plant without the hassle of mixing them into recipes. By carefully extracting the healthy oils found in hemp seeds, Deva Vegan Vitamins is able to create a sustainable health food supplement that has immense health benefits in an easy to swallow hemp oil pill.

Hemp seeds deliver many nutritional benefits, including being an incredible source of fatty acids, minerals, and phytosterols. 100% vegan and animal free, Deva hemp oil capsules provide a convenient way to get the nutritional boost you need without having to measure or weigh out powders or mixes. These hemp seed pills are perfect for anyone who loves the benefits of natural, organic hemp seeds, but does not want the hassle of mixing protein or powders into recipes. They’re the easiest and most convenient way to get the health benefits of hemp seeds on the market.

Types of Deva Vegan Hemp Oil Capsules Available

The Medical Marjiuna Inc. online shop provides easy access to Deva Vegan Hemp Oil Capsules for health enthusiasts that want the nutritional benefits of hemp superfoods without all the hassle.

Deva Vegan Hemp Oil Capsules

100% natural, organic, vegan, and animal-free, Vegan Hemp Oil Capsules from Deva Nutrition are the best hemp oil supplement available. Deep green in color from the natural oils of the plant and loaded with omega-3’s and fatty acids, these hemp seed oil capsules naturally boost health and energy. All of the nutrients in an easily swallowable pill makes Deva Vegan Hemp Oil Capsules one of the most convenient ways to naturally enhance wellness.

Crafted from unrefined, cold-pressed hemp seeds and blended with plant cellulose instead of the commonly used gelatin, Deva Vegan Hemp Oil Capsules provide a natural way to enjoy the benefits of hemp in a convenient capsule.

Where to Buy Deva Vegan Hemp Oil Capsules

When shopping for supplements, there are a lot of products claiming to be vegan, but Deva Nutrition is 100% certified by the Vegan Society. Shop for Deva products in the Medical Marjiuna Inc. online store now.