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About Dry Herb Vaporizers

Vaporizers designed for vaping dry herbs have surged in popularity over recent years, as more and more people discover their many benefits. Dry herb vaporizers are personalized devices that heat your favorite dry herbs to their respective boiling points, producing clouds of botanical-filled vapor that can be inhaled.

Dry herb vaporizers come in a wide array of sizes, allowing you to choose between larger, at-home tabletop dry herb vaporizers that offer the ultimate in functionality and precision, or battery-powered portable dry herb vaporizers, also known as dry herb vape pens, so that you can vape on-the-go.

No matter their size, dry herb vaporizers feature metal or ceramic heating chambers that evenly and efficiently heats your favorite dry herbs so that you can efficiently and safely experience the natural benefits of botanical herbs.

Benefits of Dry Herb Vaporizers

Dry herb vaporizers offer a reliable and safe way to experience the natural benefits of dry herbs, no matter where life takes you.

Dry herb vaporizers offer a healthier, more lung-friendly way to consume dry herbs. Rather than burning the dry herb and producing toxins and harmful byproducts, dry herb vaporizers use convection or conduction heating to safely heat up the herbs only until they reach their boiling point. This produces clouds of pure, clean botanical vapor that is gentle on the lungs and throat.

Vaporizers for dry herb are also an efficient way to consume dry herbs. Once you inhale the vapor, the botanical compounds in the herbs are quickly absorbed through the lungs for fast natural effects.

Dry herb vaporizers also conserve your dry herbs by heating them at a much lower temperature compared to using a lighter and burning them instantly. When you vape using a dry herb vaporizer, you will find you can likely vape from the same dry herbs multiple times rather than being limited to a one-time use.

Dry herb vaporizers are available in different shapes and sizes, including portable dry herb devices such as dry herb vape pens that are more compact and travel-friendly than ever before. Battery-powered and portable, vape pen dry herb vaporizers often come with USB charging cables, allowing you to take your dry herb vaping experiences anywhere.

Dry herb vaporizers also offer a more discreet way to inhale dry herbs. Instead of producing irritating smoke that lingers in the air, on clothes, and on fabrics, dry herb vaporizers produce light clouds of vapor and an odor that dissipates quickly. This also means that you can enjoy vaping dry herbs while not bothering neighbors, roommates, family members, or anyone else nearby.

Using Dry Herb Vaporizers

While vaporizers for dry herbs can vary in their design and components, most share similarities when it comes to prepping, loading, and using them.

Dry herb vaporizers work best with fresh herbs that have been well cured. You’ll have a much better vaping experience using dry herbs that are not too wet nor too dry. While the herb shouldn’t be wet to the touch, it shouldn’t crush easily into powder either. Preserve the freshness of your dry herb when not in use by keeping it in sealable herb storage containers that protect it from exposure to light and air.

Once you’ve obtained your dry herb and are ready to use your dry herb vaporizer, use an herb grinder to shred it into smaller, even pieces. This increases the herb’s surface area within the dry herb vaporizer’s heating chamber, leading to better heating and thicker, more flavorful clouds of vapor.

If you’re using a portable dry herb vaporizer, you’ll want to first make sure that your battery is adequately charged. A well-charged dry herb vaporizer battery will deliver greater vaping performance than a battery in need of power. If you're using a tabletop dry herb vaporizer, now's the time to plug it into the wall.

Now you’re ready to load your dry herb into your vaporizer. Some dry herb vaporizers come with packing tools, but you can also use your fingers to gently load the finely ground cannabis into the chamber. Simply remove the cap/cover to the chamber, use a tool or your fingers to fill it at least half-way full, and then replace the lid or cover to close the chamber.

Dry herb vaporizers can take anywhere from 5 to 90 seconds to heat up. Many also offer advanced temperature control, allowing you to choose from temperature presets or even precisely select your optimal temperature. Once your device has heated fully, you’re ready to draw from the mouthpiece on the portable dry herb vaporizer and enjoy your vaping session.

Cleaning your dry herb vape pen or dry herb tabletop vaporizer after use will help prolong the life of the device. A clean dry herb vaporizer will also deliver better vapor flavor. When you vape dry herbs, you’ll find that residue begins to stick to the side of the chamber, which can hinder air flow to impact flavor and draw resistance.

What Are Your Dry Herb Vaporizer Choices?

Dry herb vaporizers come in an array of shapes and sizes, and Medical Marijuana, Inc. has curated a selection of the market’s top-performing dry herb vaporizers in every category so that you can find one that fits your needs, lifestyle, and price range.

For unparalleled functionality and precision, our collection of tabletop vaporizers plug into a power source and are ideal for at-home operation. The Volcano Vaporizer from Storz & Bickel remains a market leader for vaping dry herbs because of its true convection heating system, precision temperature control, and vapor bag delivery system. Its digital companion, the Storz & Bickel Volcano Digital Vaporizer, offers the same high performance with a full digital screen for complete temperature control. For those seeking a tabletop dry herb vaporizer at a lower price point, the Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer boasts precision temperature control and a digital LCD display.

Today’s best portable vaporizers for dry herb deliver high performance in a compact, palm-friendly device. At the top of the line, the Mighty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel is a lightweight, portable dry herb vape known for its incredible power and efficiency. The DaVinci IQ Vaporizer turns heads for its sleek minimalist design and its innovative Smart Path Technology, which allows users to select between four precise temperature ranges for a personalized vaping experience. Anyone looking for the most bang for their buck will enjoy the KandyPens K-Vape Vaporizer for dry herb, which touts true convection heating, rapid heat-up time, and 3 temperature settings.

Vape pens for dry herb are ultra-portable, stylus-sized devices. Despite their compact size, dry herb vape pens are equipped with metal or ceramic heating chambers that evenly and efficiently heats your favorite dry herbs so that you can vape on-the-go. Beginners and experienced dry herb vapers who value simplicity will appreciate the pen-shaped Atmos Jump Vaporizer and its cost-effective, streamlined functionality. Another great dry herb vape pen is the Atmos Boss Vaporizer, which features no-fuss single button functionality and LED light indicators for easy operation.

Choosing a Dry Herb Vaporizer

Picking the best dry herb vaporizer for you can seem daunting with all the dry herb vapes out there. Dry herb vaporizers come in different sizes and offer unique features, allowing you to find the dry herb tabletop vaporizer or dry herb vape pen that best aligns with your needs and preferences.

The first question to ask yourself when deciding on which dry herb vaporizer to buy is whether you intend to use your dry herb vaporizer only while you're at home, or if you'd prefer to also use it while you're out and about. Tabletop dry herb vaporizers are larger and must be plugged in, but they generally offer greater dry herb vaping performance. Dry herb portable vaporizers, like dry herb vape pens, run on battery and are often sleekly designed to fit into most pockets.

Another consideration when selecting a dry herb vaporizer is whether you'd like to have more control over the temperature of your vaping session. Dry herb vaporizers can come with a single, optimized temperature setting, a series of pre-set temperatures that you can choose from, or give you full control down to the degree. Dry herb vaporizer beginners often prefer the simplicity of a single temperature dry herb vape, while dry herb enthusiasts appreciate the ability to increase or decrease the temperature to adjust the cloud production and flavor of their vaping sessions.

Lastly, you may want to consider the price of a dry herb vaporizer before making your purchase. With more dry herb vapes on the market than ever before, you'll be able to find a dry herb vaporizer that fits in your budget. If you're new to vaping herbs, a more affordable dry herb vaporizer with simple functionality may be a better choice as you become comfortable with vaping. If you've found dry herb vaporizers beneficial and enjoyable, a premium dry herb vaporizer with more features is likely ideal. In the Medical Marijuana, Inc. online shop are dry herb vaporizers that range from $49.99-$500.00.

Get some more guidance on which top dry herb vaporizers might be best for you by reading our article, The Best Dry Herb Vaporizers of 2019.

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