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About Odor Proof Duffle Bags

Perfect for carrying botanical herbs, gym clothes, and other potentially pungent goods, odor proof duffle bags are engineered to keep smells in and water out. Duffles with odor resistant technology and water resistant construction will keep your stash of dry herbs, extracts, accessories, and other valuables protected during your day trips and week-long excursions.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. carries top-quality odor proof duffle bags from Revelry Supply, based out of Santa Cruz, California. Respected for their innovative odor absorbing and water resistant luggage, Revelry duffle bags feature rubber backed nylon and a dual carbon filter stitched into their lining.

Revelry’s odor proof duffles are inspired by a desire to create superior luggage products that seamlessly fit in to a person’s everyday. A great choice for your next trip, Revelry Supply duffle bags feature classic aesthetics and come in multiple sizes, from traditionally-sized day-trip duffles to bags with larger compartments for bigger loads.

Benefits of an Odor Proof Duffle Bag

Odor resistant duffle bags are an ideal choice for anyone who likes to travel with their dry herbs, extracts, and related accessories. They’re also a popular choice for regular gym goers. The odor resistant duffels available in the Medical Marijuana, Inc. online shop are crafted with top quality materials like heavy duty rubber backing and innovative carbon filter systems to help eliminate odors.

Go ahead and pack up all your valuables, knowing they’ll be protected from the elements. Available in small to large sizes to fit all your favorite travel accessories, odor resistant duffle bags feature a unique rubber-backed nylon design for superior durability and water resistance. 

Many odor proof duffles, such as the ones from Revelry Supply, are also equipped with secret internal stash pockets to ensure your dry herbs, extracts, and other valuables are kept hidden. Bring along your botanical goods wherever your next adventure leads. Flexible yet durable, these smell proof duffle bags allow you to discreetly carry your favorite botanical materials without bothering those nearby.

Revelry Supply duffle bags are perfect for the regular traveler or exerciser. High-quality craftsmanship and innovative design ensures this handy piece of baggage is engineered for adventure.

Available Odor Resistant Duffle Bags

You can find the perfect odor resistant duffle bag through the Medical Marijuana, Inc. online shop. We’ve curated a selection of high-quality water and odor proof duffle bags from Revelry Supply. Revelry offers both big and small smell proof duffles, so you’re covered no matter whether you’re looking for that ideal day-trip bag or need a larger duffle for a week-long excursion.

Revelry Supply: The Overnighter Bag

The smallest odor resistant duffle bag from Revelry, the Overnighter features a traditional duffle design with stylish leather accents. Perfect for a day trip or as an everyday gym bag, the Revelry Overnighter features a larger center compartment with an inner stash pocket, plus large side pockets to hold all your goods. A sealable flap and lockable metal hardware helps protect your valuables. The Overnighter comes in several color options.

Revelry Supply: The Around Towner Bag

At more than twice the size of the Overnighter, the Around Towner duffle from Revelry Supply is ideal for an overnight or weekend-long trip. The Revelry Around Towner features a large center compartment with a secret stash pocket to keep your dry herbs and concentrates safe and secure. Leather accents offer a stylish appearance, while tough, top-quality materials ensure a high level of durability. The bag’s hardware is compatible with a lock for an optional additional level of protection. Choose from 10 different color options.

Revelry Supply: The Continental Bag

Ideal for your longer trips, the Continental is the largest duffle bag from Revelry Supply. This generously-sized odor resistant duffle is equipped with the same water resistant features, durable construction, inner stash pocket, and sealable flap as all other Revelry Supply bags. Thick metal hardware can be locked for even more security. The Continental duffle also comes in an array of colors.

Shop for an Odor Absorbent Duffle Bag

Shop our selection of expertly crafted Revelry Supply duffle bags. Whether you need a durable everyday bag or the perfect smell-proof luggage for a week-long trek, Medical Marijuana, Inc. carries a line of small to large high-quality odor absorbent duffels that keep your stash protected and discreet while traveling in style. 

Interested in a smaller odor absorbent bag? Browse our selection of odor proof backpacks, such as the classic-style Escort or the roll-top Drifter from Revelry Supply. Revelry also offers conveniently-compact single-pocket pouches and toiletry bags, such as The Stowaway, The Confidant, and The Broker.

Learn more about what makes Revelry Supply bags stand out against the competition and get some guidance on which Revelry Supply bag is best for you through our Revelry Supply Odor Proof Bags Buyer’s Guide.