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Eyce Molds: Silicone Pipes and Dab Rigs

Eyce silicone pipes and dab rigs will immediately catch your eye for their uniquely colorful appearance, but it is their durability and functionality that you’ll truly appreciate. Eyce says its mission is to create the last pipe consumers ever need to buy and own. They try to accomplish this by crafting their pipes and dab rigs by using their innovative premium platinum-cured silicone and incorporating convenient built-in storage and tool slots.

About Eyce Molds Silicone Bongs and Dab Rigs

Eyce Molds was founded in 2013, but its story begins years earlier as two brothers, Charles and Bruce Hoch, came up with the idea of creating a mold that could create smoking water pipes made entirely out of ice.

The Oregon-based company has gone on to produce innovative and functional dry herb pipes and extract dab-rigs that offer unparalleled smoking and dabbing experiences.

The Hoch brothers and the entire Eyce team continue to work tirelessly to produce a line of efficient and ergonomic platinum-cured silicone smoking and dabbing devices.

Quality and Design of Eyce Molds

All of the pipes and dab rigs from Eyce are constructed with high-end, BPA-free platinum cured silicone. This rugged yet lightweight material is shatterproof and holds up to drops. Unique to Eyce’s smoking and dabbing accessories, this silicone body not only offers a uniquely wild, multi-colored appearance, but also makes you feel comfortable taking your pipe or dab-rig with you when you’re on the go.

Eyce also utilizes borosilicate glass for the bowls, container lids, carb cabs ,and other components in its rigs and pipes. This solid glass material is heat resistant and helps ensure flavorful hits.

Advantages of Smoking and Dabbing with Eyce

Inhaling botanical materials like dry herbs and concentrates using pipes and dab-rigs like those from Eyce offers faster natural effects and benefits than many other consumption methods. When you take a draw from an Eyce smoking or dabbing accessory, the active compounds in the botanical clouds or smoke are absorbed into the bloodstream nearly immediately through the lungs.

Dry herb fans who want to smoke, but prefer cooler, smoother draws will appreciate the water filtration capabilities found in several of Eyce’s pipes, including the the Eyce Beaker and the Eyce Hammer Bubbler.

Dabbing extracts and concentrates with dab-rigs from Eyce are perfect for botanical enthusiasts looking for intense natural effects. Botanical concentrates and waxes contain concentrated amounts of active compounds, delivering greater natural effects with a smaller amount.

Compared to other pipes and dab rigs, those from Eyce offer an unmatched level of durability. The unique platinum-cured silicone used to make all of the smoking and vaping selections from Eyce is break-resistant, flexible, and lightweight.

Types of Eyce Pipes and Dab Rigs Available

Eyce Molds utilizes its innovative BPA-free silicone to offer some of the most lightweight, durable, and travel-friendly pipes, water pipes, and dab rigs on the market.

Regardless of which Eyce accessory you choose, you’ll appreciate their convenient smaller size and highly durable materials. Each of Eyce’s smoking accessories come in a variety of color options.

Eyce Spoon

Perfect for dry herb consumers on the lookout for a durable, pocket-friendly pipe, the Eyce Spoon is compact and features a high-quality recessed borosilicate glass bowl. This silicone spoon pipe features a built-in poker tool in its stem and a hidden stash jar below the bowl.

Eyce Beaker

While most beaker-style water pipes are completely glass and not made for travel, the Eyce Beaker and its impact resistant silicone is perfect for those hoping enjoy the cool smoothness of a water pipe while on-the-go. The Eyce Beaker Water Pipe is equipped with a diffused downstem and ice catcher for crisp draws, while a large hidden stash jar keeps your botanical goods on hand for later.

Eyce Hammer Bubbler

Looking to enjoy cool, water-pipe hits away from home? The Eyce Hammer Bubbler is a portable bubbler pipe made of platinum-cured silicone with a snap-in borosilicate glass bowl. Figuring you’ll want to use your Hammer Bubbler while out, Eyce added in an integrated steel poker and a hidden dry herb stash jar on the underside of the bowl.

Eyce Rig II

Designed for dabbing enthusiasts, the Eyce Rig II is a highly-functional dab rig with an included reversible grade 2 10mm titanium nail. Slots on the base of the dab rig hold a variety of dab tools, and a built-in container is available to hold your favorite concentrates. The Rig II is an upgrade from Eyce’s previously best-selling silicone dab rig, and features a new glass collar to protect the silicone, plus a reinforced chamber and stem cap for greater durability.

Eyce Sidecar Rig

The Eyce Sidecar Rig is ideal dab-rig for concentrate consumers who prefer to enjoy the more flavorful dabs that come with using a quartz bucket or “banger.” The Sidecar Rig also features an external male fitting, meaning you can also use a titanium or ceramic nail. Like the Eyce Rig II, the Eyce Sidecar Rig features dab tool slots and a hidden concentrate container.

Eyce Mold 2.0

For the ultimately cool smoking experience, the Eyce Mold 2.0 allows you to create your own pipe-- out of 100% ice. The Eyce silicone mold kit comes with a silicone mouthpiece, a stand with built-in finger grip, a core pin, and a silicone plug that all insert seamlessly into the ice pipes you create using water and a freezer.

Eyce Collector

The latest innovation from Eyce, the Eyce Collector is the first of its kind nectar collector designed for easy vaping of concentrates. Direct straw inhalation ensures a cool and flavorful vapor, while silicon construction makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze. The Eyce Collector's built-in storage and simple design make vaping your favorite concentrate easy and efficient.

Where to Buy Eyce Pipes and Dab-Rigs

Medical Marijuana, Inc. carries the best pipes, water pipes, and dab rigs from Eyce and its Silicone Essentials Collection in our online store. Shop now for a high-quality and easy-to-use smoking or dabbing accessory.

Beginners can learn how to use pipes, water pipes and dab rigs from Eyce and other manufacturers, or get some guidance on which type of pipe or dab-rig is best for you through our Accessories Buyer’s Guide.