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About Ghost Vapes

Founded on the pure passion to create the best vaporizers the world has ever seen, three lifelong friends created Ghost Vapes in 2015 and have been raising the bar in vaporizer technology ever since. At Ghost Vapes, quality is a virtue and drives every innovative design behind their breakthrough technology.

With quality as the main goal, Ghost Vapes managed to build a top-notch creative and engineering team to reverse engineer the top-rated portable vaporizers on the market and figure out what made the best vaporizer available. After years of back-breaking research and engineering, Ghost Vapes has produced some of the most elite vaporizers the world has ever seen.

By aiming to create versatile, high-quality machines that accommodate any need and lifestyle, Ghost Vapes has been setting the bar for portable vaporizers without sacrificing power and versatility ever since their inception.

Ghost Vapes Luxury Vaporizers

Ghost Vapes has raised the bar by ensuring durable, high-quality vaporizers that perform like a desktop vaporizer yet fit in the palm of your hand. Built to adhere to strict medical-grade standards, Ghost Vapes has managed to produce a vaporizer that will consistently put out pure, crystal clear vapor.

With true convection heating, Ghost Vapes provides a heat source that offers complete and even coverage of dry herbs and with the versatility of being able to use concentrates in the same vaporizer, Ghost Vapes is at the forefront of vaping technology. Their signature companion app for your smartphone allows for complete temperature control from the palm of your hand.

By using convection heating, Ghost Vapes allow you to more safely inhale your favorite botanicals and their natural benefits. Convection vaporizers heat dry herbs and botanicals at a lower temperature than combustion, producing a pure vapor that is free of the toxins and other byproducts associated with smoking.

Take high-quality vaping wherever life leads. Vapor dissipates quickly and does not linger on fabrics, so you can enjoy your Ghost vaporizer sessions knowing you won’t bother those nearby.

Ghost’s premium vaporizers are made with an elite level of detail and functionality. By providing the most powerful luxury vape on the market, Ghost Vapes has managed to set the new standard for high-quality, medical-grade vaporizers.

Types of Ghost Vapes

The Medical Marijuana, Inc. online shop carries Ghost Vapes luxury line of vaporizers including the MV1, their flagship portable vape. With break-through technology and durable construction, Ghost Vapes has eliminated the need for multiple vaporizers. With Ghost Vapes, pure, high-quality vapor is at your fingertips.

Ghost MV1 Vaporizer

The traditional box mod, redesigned. The MV1 Vaporizer by Ghost Vapes brings an elegant style to a high-performance portable vaporizer device constructed from medical-grade materials. A versatile vaporizer that produces high-quality vapor for dry herbs and concentrates, the Ghost MV1 Vaporizer has a high tech companion app that allows for precision heating control from your smartphone and comes backed with a manufacturer's warranty.

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At the Medical Marijuana, Inc. online store, the Ghost MV1 vaporizer is held in high regard. With top of the line technology and design, Ghost Vapes makes it easy to get pure, flavorful vapor.

The Medical Marijuana, Inc. online shop carries the entire line of Ghost MV1 vaporizers to make finding the right vape experience for you easy and thorough. Shop our selection of Ghost Vapes now.