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About GRAV Labs

Started in 2004, GRAV Labs is an Austin-based glass manufacturer known for its beautiful, functional and affordable glass accessories. GRAV has quickly become one of the most trusted names in quality scientific glass, and their classic hand pipes, bubblers and tasters have rightfully earned their place among the industry’s best.

GRAV Labs pipes have set the standard for quality and design. They have been an industry leader for over 10 years and have created some of the most recognizable hand pipes, bubblers, tasters, and beakers. All of their pipes combine industry-leading function with gorgeous design and forward thinking innovation.

Jane West Glass Collection by GRAV Labs

Designed and made by GRAV Labs, the one-of-a-kind Jane West Glass Collection has been turning heads and creating loyal fans with their signature glass pipes since 2016. Started from humble beginnings by a hard-working mom who carries a deep passion for glass and high-quality accessories. Jane West designs each pipe personally to ensure superior quality and superior function.

Using her background, Jane West has managed to add a level of sophistication to her glass collection, something that has never been done before in the industry. The sleek, bright blue designs for GRAV Labs carry an elegant structure that is smooth, yet angled to remain stable on table tops and desks. Each pipe in the Jane West Collection comes emblazoned with the signature JW seal of approval. 

A combination of deeply held passion for glass and the creative determination of Jane West herself have moved the Jane West Glass Collection into superstardom. A brilliantly engineered pipe collection that functions as well as it looks. 

The Medical Marijuana, Inc online store carries a wide selection of Jane West’s signature glass pipes to ensure a luxury smoking experience, without the luxury price tag. Take a look at our selection of Jane West glass from GRAV Labs.

The Jane West Steamroller

The Jane West Steamroller brings signature flare to the Jane West line of products from GRAV Labs. Using classic design and simple functionality, the Jane West Steamroller uses thick, high-quality glass construction to ensure consistent performance. With a beautiful blue hue, the Jane West Steamroller brings a classic pipe design into the 21st century. A great hand pipe for portable use.

The Jane West Spoon

The Jane West signature glass spoon from GRAV Labs is the last pipe you will ever need. Made from the highest grade of scientifically engineered borosilicate glass, the Jane West Spoon is elegant and sleek and designed for ultimate comfort and usability. A tapered mouthpiece, and rounded bowl design give the Jane West spoon its luxurious features that improve and elevate the smoking experience. This GRAV Labs spoon is ideal for portable use.

The Jane West Beaker

Sleek and elegant, the smooth cobalt blue hue is hand-crafted from high-quality scientific borosilicate glass that is durable and clean. Equipped with a fission, fixed downstem that diffuses every draw for clear, crisp billows of smoke that satisfy. Finally, a beaker made for style and function in a single, elegant package. An ideal choice for those who value smooth, cooler draws.

The Jane West Bubbler

The elegant Jane West Bubbler from GRAV Labs is a unique piece that has been engineered for a superior draw. The fixed downstem diffuser filters, cools, and smooths out your smoke and the flashy cobalt blue finish is sleek and modern. A bubbler crafted for those who take every aspect of the smoking experience seriously and want serious quality.

Advantages of GRAV Labs Glass Accessories

GRAV Labs boasts a wide range of luxurious glass pipes and accessories. The attention to detail and dedication to both functionality and design are unlike any other brand on the market. 

Scientifically engineered to be stronger and better looking than standard glass pipes, GRAV Labs and their scientific glassware offer unmatched quality and luxury. Their collection of pipes features traditional designs that have been elevated for a luxury feel, look, and experience, without a luxury price tag.

As soon as your lips are placed on the speciality scientific glass and careful curves, the difference is clear. For superior flavor, function, and design, GRAV Labs pipes are like no other.

Shop GRAV Labs Glass Accessories

GRAV Labs uses the latest technology and innovation to achieve luxurious pipes that are affordable and stylish. That’s why the Medical Marijuana, Inc. online shop carries a wide range of GRAV Labs glass accessories. So you can easily search and find the best pipe to fit your lifestyle. Shop our selection of GRAV Labs Glass now.