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  1. Banzai Belt

    Perfect for everyday casual wear, Hempy’s Bonzai Belt is a 100% eco-friendly hemp webbing belt with engraved metal buckle closure. The Bonzai model features a slightly thinner 1.25” wide strap that fits up to a 43” waist and can be easily trimmed down to a more desirable length. Hempy’s Bonzai Belt is constructed in the USA by skilled makers who care about their craft, ensuring high-quality hemming and long-term durability.
  2. Scout Belt

    Known for its durability, Hempy’s Scout Belt will quickly become your daily go-to accessory. The Scout Belt is made of 100% hemp webbing, a fantastic eco-friendly woven fabric that touts both strength and softness. The belt’s strap is approximately 1.5” wide and can be cut to any length up to a 43” waist. An engraved metal buckle closure provides worry-free closure and allows for easy adjustment. Hempy’s Scout Belt is carefully constructed by skilled makers in the USA, ensuring high-quality hemming and craftsmanship.
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About Hempy’s Belts:

After more than 20 years of providing high-quality renewable products, Hempy’s has built a worldwide reputation for its carefully constructed hemp clothing, accessories, and goods. Like all of Hempy’s products, the company’s belts tout a combination of both toughness and comfort. They’re made with 100% hemp webbing, ensuring an unmatched level of long-lasting durability and softness that gets more comfortable with wear.

Locally owned and operated but globally minded, Hempy’s believes hemp can play a major role in creating long-term sustainability. The company uses responsibly sourced hemp and sustainable manufacturing practices to create eco-friendly goods that appeal to the environmentally conscious consumer.

Like all of Hempy’s products, the company’s belts are made in the USA by talented craftspeople with decades of experience working with hemp and hemp-blended fabrics. Hempy’s also offers t-shirts, jeans, vests, shorts, belts, hats, wallets, and more made with natural environmentally-responsible fibers.

Why Hempy’s Belts?

Hempy’s sustainable and eco-friendly belts will stand up to everyday wear. Made in the USA with natural hemp fabrics, these popular canvas-style belts are naturally durable, soft, and antimicrobial. An engraved metal buckle securely fastens the hemp webbing in place. Hempy’s belts fit most waist sizes and you can choose from a wide array of color options.

Made with environmentally and socially conscious practices, Hempy’s belts are an everyday accessory you can feel good about wearing. Each belt arrives in a 100% recyclable, reusable gift box.

Here are Your Choices:

Banzai Belt:

Made with 100% hemp material and available in a wide array of colors, Hempy’s Banzai Belt is approximately 1.25” wide and features an adjustable metal buckle engraved with Hempy’s logo. The belt fits up to a 43” waist and can be easily cut down to smaller lengths.

Scout Belt:

Hempy’s Scout Belt is similar to the Banzai belt but with a slightly larger 1.5” width. It is made with 100% hemp material and also comes with an engraved adjustable metal buckle. The belt extends to 43” and can be cut down to smaller sizes as needed. Choose from several color options.