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  1. HempMeds

    HempMeds Hydrating & Purifying Hemp Shampoo

    Leave your hair and scalp feeling restorated and nourished with this CBD-infused shampoo from HempMeds. Made with a powerful botanical blend of CBD oil, Argan oil, and goji berry, HempMeds Hydrating and Purifying Shampoo provides essential vitamins and minerals for optimal hydration and protection. This carefully formulated hemp CBD shampoo is color-safe, and provides a gentle daily cleaning experience for all hair types. HempMeds CBD shampoo is free of artificial eyes, parabens, and sulfates, offering only great benefits to you and your hair.
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    HempMeds Nourishing Hemp Conditioner

    Packed with nutrient-rich botanicals and CBD, HempMeds Nourishing Hemp Conditioner deeply hydrates and softens your hair. This CBD hair conditioner is carefully formulated with hemp CBD oil, Argan oil, green tea, and goji berry, an innovative botanical blend that leaves your hair and scalp feeling restored. HempMeds Nourishing Hemp Conditioner is perfect for repairing and protecting your hair from the daily damage caused by heat styling, chemical processing, color treatments, and the environment.
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Hemp Oil for Hair Care

More and more people are using hemp oil for hair to give their hair the natural benefits of hemp-derived CBD oil. Hemp hair care products are infused with CBD hemp oil, a natural component of the hemp plant that possesses natural benefits to strengthen and revitalize hair.

Hemp Oil Benefits for Hair

CBD hemp oil for hair is rich in essential fatty acids, proteins, and vitamins that nourish hair, and restore its natural balance. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural component of the hemp plant that possesses moisturizing and antioxidant properties. Infused with CBD, hemp shampoo and hemp conditioner help restore and revitalize damaged hair and leave it looking healthy and radiant.

Hemp Hair Products

Headlining the complete line of beauty care products from HempMeds® are their CBD-infused hemp shampoo and conditioner. HempMeds®’s hemp hair products contain hemp-derived CBD oil, plus nutrient rich botanicals.

HempMeds Hemp Oil Hair Care Products

HempMeds’ hydrating and purifying hemp shampoo and nourishing conditioner offer a gentle, color-safe daily cleaning experience for all hair types. HempMeds hemp oil hair products are free of artificial dyes, parabens and sulfate, so you just get the natural antioxidating and nourishing effects of CBD.

What is Hemp CBD for Hair?

Hemp is great for hair thanks to its CBD content, but what is CBD? Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, is a natural component found in the hemp (cannabis sativa L.) plant that has received significant acclaim for its health benefits. There is a wide body of scientific CBD research that we suggest you review if you’d like to gain a better understanding of CBD.

Our CBD is found in high quantities in our hemp oil, which also naturally full of other nutrients! It contains a variety of other non-psychoactive phytocannabinoids, including cannabichromene (CBC), cannabigerol (CBG), cannabinol (CBN), and cannabidivarin (CBCV). CBD hemp oil is also an awesome natural source of vitamins, amino acids, omega fatty acids, terpenes and chlorophyll. Looking to experience these benefits in more than just your hair? They can also be found in our line of luxurious hemp face cream. To maximize safety and quality, we diligently test every product to ensure its cannabinoid content is ideal.

Our CBD hemp oil for hair comes from specially identified cultivars of hemp, which yield more CBD than most hemp plants. Our non-GMO hemp is sustainably grown on family farms in European microclimates without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. The story of how we got there is an incredible one. If you're interested, click here to read more! All our products are also processed and tested for contaminants and purity in state-of-the-art ISO-certified labs here in the United States.

Whether you’re shopping for hemp oil for hair and skin, CBD oil to promote wellness or for CBD cream, Medical Marijuana, Inc. has you covered. Shop our selection of CBD hemp hair care products today. We also offer a wide variety of natural ways to get your daily CBD, from CBD Vape Oil to CBD Tinctures.