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About Hempy's Leggings and Hemp Fabric Clothes

With more than two decades of experience, Hempy’s has gained a worldwide reputation for crafting long-lasting and durable hemp leggings and other hemp apparel. The San Diego-based company was established in 1995 and is one of the oldest hemp goods manufacturing companies in the United States. Hempy’s is now on the leading edge of the hemp retail market, having grown into one of the most beloved and respected hemp-based manufacturers in the country.

Hempy’s hemp leggings and their other selections of hemp clothing and hemp accessories are all made with eco-friendly hemp, a sustainable and renewable crop that needs no pesticides or herbicides and requires very little water. Hempy’s values its commitment to eco-friendly practices and responsibly-sourced textiles, and their hemp leggings are constructed with the health of the planet in mind.

Hempy’s hemp leggings are meticulously made in the United States by skilled craftspeople with decades of experience working with hemp-based materials. This allows Hempy’s to have full control over final quality and the conditions in which the hemp leggings are created. Hempy’s hemp leggings are comfortable, fashionable, and built to last. As soon as you feel these hemp leggings, you’ll understand why Hempy’s is the industry’s #1 leader for hemp clothing.

Why Wear Hemp Leggings?

Whether you’re lounging at home, breaking a sweat, or heading out for a casual meeting up with some friends, there is no shortage in opportunities to wear hemp leggings. Hemp is naturally durable and strong, yet soft, so you’ll always feel comfortable in hemp leggings from Hempy’s.

Hemp is an incredible source for making clothing products like leggings. Hemp fabric naturally becomes softer with each wear and wash, so you’ll love your hemp leggings even more as time goes on.

Known for its unmatched strength and durability, hemp is also naturally breathable resistant to mold and is 98% UV light resistant, which means these hemp pants will hold their shape and likely outlast the other clothes in your closet.

Hemp leggings are also appealing if you’re someone who is eco-conscious with regards to your outfit choices. Hemp has proven to be a renewable and sustainable source of clothing. Hemp requires no pesticides, little water, and it enriches the soil it leaves behind. Hemp also absorbs so much carbon that it’s been tagged as a potential solution to climate change.

Available Hemp Leggings

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Hempy’s Women’s Pant Leggings

Comprised of 53% hemp, 43% cotton and 4% spandex, Hempy’s Women’s Pant Leggings deliver an unmatched level of durability while being the most comfortable pants in your wardrobe. A broad waistband with a gentle stretch ensures a cozy fit, every time. Because they’re made of hemp, these hemp leggings will get softer with each wear and wash. Throw these extra soft hemp sweats on for a workout, while you’re lounging at home, or even for a quick errands run.

Hempy’s Women’s Pant Leggings come in black and are available in small, medium, large and extra-large size options. You’re sure to be one of the most eco-friendly people in your social circle when you hang out in your sustainable hemp leggings.

Best Place to Buy Hemp Leggings

Hempy’s high-quality hemp leggings are a perfect choice for any eco-minded person who values a comfortable fit. Browse the Medical Marijuana, Inc. online shop to purchase hemp leggings today.

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