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About Hempy’s T-Shirts & Hemp Fabric Products:

For over 20 years, Hempy’s has been crafting top quality hemp products, building a worldwide reputation as an environmentally and socially conscious company. Locally owned and operated but globally minded, every decision Hempy’s makes takes the health of our planet into effect.

Hempy’s 100% hemp and hemp blended fabrics are durable, soft, and environmentally sustainable, meaning you can feel good about wearing your Hempy’s gear everyday. All Hempy’s gear is sewn in the USA, giving the company control over product quality and the conditions in which each Hempy’s item is created. In our store, you will find a variety of items like Hempy’s t-shirts, hemp jeans, vests, shorts, belts, hats, wallets, and more made with natural fibers.  

Why Hempy’s T-Shirts?

Hempy’s T-Shirts are created with a blend of 60% viscose hemp and 40% organic cotton for a super soft and comfortable fit that will outlast your other t-shirts, getting more comfortable with every wash. Hemp shirts for sale by Hempy’s are made right here in the USA by skilled craftspeople with decades of experience working with hemp and hemp-blended fabrics. Most Hempy’s blended hemp tee shirts are available in sizes XS-XXXL.

Hempy’s hemp t-shirts are a responsible choice for supporting the health of the environment. Hemp products, including hemp tees, can be recycled, reused, and are 100% biodegradable. Proponents of hemp claim that the versatile and renewable plant can also help combat global warming by absorbing large amounts of carbon dioxide per acre. Once a dominant crop on the American landscape, hemp is a natural substitute for cotton and other less eco-friendly fabrics for making hemp clothing and accessories such as hemp t-shirts.

Here are Your Choices:

Save the Humans: A tongue-and-cheek play on the save the whales movement from the 70’s, Hempy’s Save the Humans hemp tees feature an illustrated whale on a navy blue background.

Totem Series Butterfly: Part of Hempy’s Animal Totem Series, this hemp t-shirt features an intricately designed woodblock style butterfly with the words “Beauty – Preserve It” on a black background.

Totem Series Owl: Part of the Animal Totem Series, this tee shirt features an intricately designed woodblock style owl with the words “Wisdom – Use It” on a black background.

Totem Series Deer: Part of Hempy’s Animal Totem Series, these organic hemp t-shirts feature an intricately designed woodblock style deer with the words “Strength – Find It” on a black background.

Totem Series Wolf: Part of Hempy’s Animal Totem Series, these hemp t-shirts feature an intricately designed woodblock style wolf with the words “Intuition – Listen To It” on a black background.

Uncle Sam Green: Styled after the US government's actual WWII poster encouraging farmers to grow hemp, Hempy’s Uncle Sam T-Shirt let’s you wear your hemp pride in style.

Planet Inherited Goods: Known as one of the flagship Hempy’s t-shirt, the “Planet Inherited Goods” shirt features the Hempy’s logo on a white background.

Need more hemp clothing options? Medical Marijuana, Inc. carries a variety of amazing hemp apparel products from Hempy’s, including:

  • Hemp Jeans: The perfect pair of hemp pants to combine with your hemp t-shirt. Hempy’s premium unisex hemp jeans offer unmatched levels of durability and softness. Designed for both men and women, these hemp jeans feature a relaxed slim fit for top notch comfort.
  • Hemp Vests: A classy way to up your casual wear, Hempy’s hemp vest is perfect for most outdoor occasions. Carefully constructed using eco-friendly hemp based materials, this hemp vest is both soft and breathable and perfect for pairing with hemp t-shirts.
  • Hemp Headwear: Made in the USA with natural hemp fabrics, Hempy’s hemp headwear selections can accessorize your hemp t-shirts and protect your face and head from the elements. Choose from hemp beanies, hemp fedoras, and hemp hats.
  • Hemp Belts: Built to stand the test of time, Hempy’s carefully constructed hemp belts tout a combination of both toughness and comfort. An engraved metal buckle securely fastens the belt’s hemp webbing and holds your hemp jeans and other pants in place.

You can also find innovative hemp accessories from Hempy’s to nourish your day, such as hemp oil lip balms (available in Vanilla Sun, Mint Madness, and Surf & Snow flavors) and hemp candles (available in Rain Water and Egyptian Amber & Sandalwood scents).