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  1. Bi-Fold Wallet

    Likely Hempy’s most popular staple wallet design, the Bi-Fold offers optimal storage while remaining slimmer than tri-fold models. Featuring a cash pocket, double-sided clear ID holder, and 8 credit card slots, this perfect all-around wallet securely carries anything you may need. Constructed in the USA from high-quality 100% hemp, Hempy’s Bi-Fold Wallet offers long-lasting durability and practicality without the bulk.
  2. Tri-Fold Chain Wallet

    Hempy’s Trifold Wallet design has been the company’s go-to staple for over 20 years. The Trifold features a 100% hemp shell and a 14” anti-pick antique brass colored pocket chain. Designed for long-term full wallet functionality, the popular Trifold Wallet features a clear ID holder, a credit card holder, a standard bill holder, and an anterior zipper coin pocket. Durable while remaining lightweight, the Trifold is ideal for everyday carry, easily managing everything you need in your day-to-day.
  3. Slim Line Wallet

    Constructed with sturdy 100% hemp shell, Hempy’s Slim Line Wallet is the ideal choice for those looking for complete functionality yet appreciate a sleek design. This slim yet full-sized bi-fold wallet contains 6 credit card slots, 2 business card slots, and a cash pocket for carrying any and everything you may need. One of Hempy’s best sellers, the Slim Line Wallet perfectly balances practicality and slimness in an eco-friendly hemp canvas design built for years of use.
  4. Tri-Fold Wallet

    Featuring a 100% hemp shell with velcro closure, the Trifold Wallet has been Hempy’s staple design for over 20 years. Designed for long-term everyday carry, Hempy’s popular Trifold Wallet has a standard bill holder, a clear plastic ID holder, a credit card holder, and an interior zipper coin pocket to efficiently manage everything you need. Lightweight and backed with durability, the Trifold features the ideal compartment layout for those looking for complete functionality from their wallet.
  5. Key Ring Wallet

    Combining the ultimate in functionality with an ingenious compact design, Hempy’s Key Ring Wallet features a detachable antique brass key ring for those who like to keep everything you need on hand. Ideal for a quick errand or big night out, the Key Ring wallet features a clear ID pocket, velcro closure and a zipper mesh coin pocket to securely keep all your daily essentials in place. Hempy’s Key Ring Wallet is a slimmer profile wallet with eco-friendly 100% hemp shell for durability.
  6. Minimizer Wallet

    Ideal for those who appreciate simplistic functionality, Hempy’s Minimizer Wallet features 5 compact sleeves to hold up to 10 cards in an ultra-thin design. This lightweight and compact wallet is backed with durability, crafted 100% of hemp material for everyday carry in mind. Hempy’s blends simplicity with ingenuity for a wallet that touts convenience, yet still carries all the cards you need.
6 Item(s)
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About Hempy’s Hemp Wallet and Hemp Fabric Products:

For over 20 years, Hempy’s has been crafting top quality hemp products, building a worldwide reputation as an environmentally and socially conscious company. Locally owned and operated but globally minded, every decision Hempy’s makes takes the health of our planet into effect.

Hempy’s 100% hemp and hemp blended fabrics are durable, soft, and environmentally sustainable, meaning you can feel good about wearing your Hempy’s gear everyday. Hempy’s hemp wallets (and other hemp apparel items) are sewn in the USA, giving the company control over product quality and the conditions in which each Hempy’s item is created. Hempy’s offers t-shirts, jeans, vests, shorts, belts, hats, wallets, and more made with natural fibers.

Why Hempy’s Hemp Wallet Collection?

Hempy’s is world famous for its hemp wallet collection. Providing the highest quality wallets made by individual artists here in the USA, all of Hempy’s wallets have a durable 100% hemp shell with nylon trim that is sure to last you for years to come.

With over 12 different hemp wallet styles in over 10 different color and trim choices, Hempy’s has a size and style of wallet for everyone. We have a wide selection of hemp wallets from our hemp mesh utility wallets, hemp trifold wallets, hemp bifold wallets down to our very small hemp credit card holder, the Minimizer.  

Hemp Wallet Choices:

Trifold Hemp Wallet: A staple in the Hempy’s product line for over 20 years, the Trifold Wallet remains one of Hempy’s most popular men’s hemp wallet options. There is room for credit cards, IDs, and business cards, as well as a cash pocket and zippered coin pouch.

Bi-Fold Wallet: Less thick than Hempy’s rifold Wallet, the Bi-Fold vegan wallet provides all the conveniences of a traditional wallet, including double-sided, clear ID holders, 8 credit card slots, and a full-sized cash pocket.

Organizer Wallet: Hempy’s most spacious hemp checkbook wallet, the Organizer Wallet features 10 different pockets, including a 6 3/4″ bill holder, a clear plastic ID holder, a receipt pocket, 2 credit card pockets, a zippered mesh coin pocket, a checkbook holder, and a pen holder. The Organizer is much more than just a standard men’s wallet.

Trucker Chain Wallet: Similar in profile to the Organizer Wallet, Hempy’s Trucker Chain Wallet recalls classic style with two snap closures and a durable antique brass colored hemp wallet chain and clasp to keep your cash, cards, and ID secure and closeby.

Minimizer Wallet: Perfect for those who don’t like the heft of a traditional wallet, Hempy’s Minimizer Wallet cuts the extra bulk for a streamlined way to hold up to 10 cards.

Key Ring Wallet: Similar to the Minimizer wallet, Hempy’s Key Ring Wallet has a slim profile to keep the bulk out of your pocket. There is room for 8 cards and a mesh coin pocket with a zipper closure, plus a detachable antique brass colored key ring.  

Slim Line Wallet: The thinnest full wallet Hempy’s features, the Slim Line Wallet provides room for 6 cards, as well as two business card slots and a full sized cash pocket.