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About Higher Standards

Based in New York City, Higher Standards provides herb and extract aficionados with premium, American-made glass pipes and dab rigs. These luxurious inhalation and storage accessories for smoking and dabbing are made from heavy duty borosilicate glass to amplify the inhalation experience. Regardless of which Higher Standards glass accessory you choose, you’ll appreciate its unmatched functionality and premium quality.

Benefits of Smoking and Dabbing with Higher Standards Glass Products

Designed and handcrafted from premium borosilicate glass, Higher Standards glass pipes and dab rigs offer a new level of luxurious smoking and dabbing experience. These breathtaking glass rigs and pipes are heat-resistant and feature a heavy duty build.

Smoking or dabbing with Higher Standards glass pipes and dab rigs offers faster natural effects than many other consumption methods. After a pull is taken from a Higher Standards glass mouthpiece, the botanical compounds within the smoke or vapor are absorbed into the bloodstream through the lungs nearly immediately.

Dry herb fans who enjoy the natural benefits of smoking dry herbs, but prefer cooler, smoother draws will appreciate the water filtration capabilities found in the Higher Standards Beaker Water Pipe. This glass pipe comes with a six-slit percolator and an ice catcher that filters and cools the smoke before it reaches the mouthpiece.  

For botanical enthusiasts seeking more intense natural effects, dabbing extracts and concentrates with the Higher Standards Dab Rig is an ideal way to go. Botanical concentrates and waxes contain concentrated amounts of active compounds, delivering greater natural effects in the vapor that comes off the quartz banger.

Types of Higher Standards Dab Rig and Beaker Products Available

Medical Marijuana, Inc. carries the following Higher Standards glass pipes and smoking accessories in our online shop.

Higher Standards Beaker Water Pipe

The Higher Standards Beaker Water Pipe is a premium beaker-style water pipe made of high-grade borosilicate glass, providing unmatched class and durability for dry herb enthusiasts. This Higher Standards bong, designed for inhaling the natural benefits of dry herbs, features a six-slit percolator plus a prong-style ice catcher to improve the quality of your smoke, as well as a large 8-inch diameter neck that allows for fuller hits.

Meticulously crafted in the USA, this luxury glass water pipe from Higher Standards also has an angled funnel bowl to make packing dry herbs quick and easy. The Higher Standards Beaker Water Pipe comes in a reusable collector’s case for safe storage and transport.

Higher Standards Rig Kit

Perfect for anyone new to dabbing, the Higher Standards Rig Kit has everything you need to get started. Within its high-quality reusable collectors box is a borosilicate glass rig, an extra thick 100% quartz banger (bucket), a four chamber silicone container for concentrate storage, and a pair of dab tools.

The premium quality Higher Standards Rig for dabbing extracts and concentrates features a diffused downstem with small slits to generate cooler vapor. Whether you’re new to dabbing concentrates or a connoisseur, you’ll appreciate the meticulous American craftsmanship that goes into building the Higher Standards Rig Kit.

Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit

The Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit properly cares for your glass pipes, rigs and vaporizers to preserve the quality of your sessions. This carefully curated one-stop-shop glass cleaning kit gives you everything you need for the perfect cleaning ritual. Eliminate tough residue and build-up with an optimal cleaning solution and collection of tools and rags.

The Higher Standards Supreme Kit comes with a bottle of ISO Pure, a bottle of Salt rox, 12 pipe dreamz, 1 resin bag, 2 dot wipe, 6 tube tops, 1 salt schute, and 1 steam brush-- everything you need to keep your premium glass pipes and accessories in tip-top shape.

Where to Buy Higher Standards Glass Accessories

Higher Standards glass pipes, rigs and other premium glass smoking accessories are designed to deliver an enhanced inhalation experience. Medical Marijuana, Inc. carries the best pipes, water pipes and dab rigs from Higher Standards in our online store. Shop now for your premium glass smoking or dabbing accessories. There, you’ll also find herb grinders, storage containers, and other smoking and dabbing accessories to maximize your sessions with Higher Standards glass pipes.

Beginners interested in smoking dry herb but seeking some guidance can read about how to use pipes and water pipes. If you’re looking for some more help on which pipe is best for you and your needs, please visit our Accessories Buyer’s Guide.