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About Himalania Hemp Seeds

Founded in 2002, Himalania has been committed to sustainable organic cultivation for delicious healthy superfoods. Harvested in the fertile plains of Canada, Himalania seeds are grown sustainably and certified organic to provide the best hemp food products on the market.

Himalania strives to build lasting connections beyond their products to support social progress and sustainability as well as a commitment to education in the hemp space to support long and healthy living through hemp foods. Focusing on healthy and nutrient-rich superfoods, Himalania manages to bring delicate flavor to protein-rich hemp seeds that carry enormous health benefits and fibrous digestive benefits that complement a wholesome, healthy lifestyle.

Hemp seeds have earned a reputation for fueling and nourishing in their natural state, while remaining sustainable to farm. Himamlania coats each buttery hemp seed in luscious dark chocolate for a sweet protein-packed snack that won’t ruin a diet and contains all the energy and nutrients a healthy lifestyle needs.

Benefits of Himalania Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds naturally contain a large amount of nutritional benefits that give it the name “Superfood.” Himalania Hemp Seeds are 100% organic and sustainably farmed in Canada and boast nutrient-rich health benefits to give your body the wholesome food it craves. Himalania brings all-natural eating and sustainable living into a sweet irresistible snack.

Hemp seeds are rich in fatty acids and fiber that benefit digestive health and can lead to a more active lifestyle. Himalania Hemp Seeds allow for easy supplementation to curb a sweet craving with immense nutritional health benefits that provide energy and wholesome health in one delicious package without any guilt.

Himalania is committed to the best organic products to bring the nutritional benefits of hemp seeds into a tasty, protein packed whole food. By focusing on quality organic ingredients directly from the Earth, Himalania ensures nutritional benefits in every product and great tasting foods that will fuel your body naturally.

Available Himalania Hemp Seeds

The Medical marijuana Inc. online store carries delicious, all-natural Himalania Hemp Seeds to provide the best in organic nutritional hemp foods available. Browse our selection of Himalania Hemp Seeds.

Himalania Dark Chocolate Hemp Seeds

Natural hemp seeds draped in a silky smooth dark chocolate that compliments the buttery, nut-like taste of the seeds. A luscious treat filled with Omega-3, Omega-6, and fatty acids while satisfying that sweet craving. Non-GMO certified, gluten free, and cholesterol free, Himalania Dark Chocolate Hemp Seeds are a healthy snack that helps to support an active, energetic lifestyle while tasting great.

While tasty on their own, Himalania Dark Chocolate Hemp Seeds are exceptional when sprinkled onto yogurt, cereals, and oatmeals, or blended into smoothies.

Where to Buy Himalania Hemp Seeds

The Medical Marijuana Inc. online shop carries protein-packed Himalania Hemp Seeds coated in delectable dark chocolate. A healthy, irresistible treat that tastes as good as it is sustainable. Shop Himalania Hemp Seeds now.