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About Honey Stick Vapes

Combining high tech, high performance, dependability, and affordability, HoneyStick is a vaping lifestyle brand known for its line of upper tier vaporizers for oils, concentrates, and waxes, such as the best selling BeeKeeper and the Elf Auto Draw. The well-respected company was the first to bring a Sub Ohm Vaporizer to the botanical vaping market, and continues to collaborate with a vast network of growers, extractors, and industry leaders to innovate new cutting edge vaping products.

Each HoneyStick vape comes from the efforts of an engineering and in-house design team dedicated to enhancing the experience of vaping concentrates and essential oils. The Honey Stick vape team utilizes only the highest quality materials and components to build their portable vaporizers, ensuring each draw is packed with an intensity and flavor you’ll want to savor. Honey Stick Vaporizers have won awards at High Times Cannabis Cups competitions, and yet the vaporizer company continues its strive to elevate vaping sessions by crafting innovative vape products with world class performance and stealth concealment.

Advantages of Vaping With a Honey Stick Vape

Vaping has become more popular than ever before because of the many benefits of using a vaporizer. While there are many vaporizers out there to choose from, enjoying the natural benefits of natural botanicals like pure CBD oil with the use of a Honey Stick vape offers many advantages.

Vaping with a Honey Stick vaporizer offers near immediate absorption for fast natural effects. HoneyStick vaporizers heat in seconds, and the compounds of your favorite botanical materials reach your systems only seconds after you take a pull from the vape’s mouthpiece and draw the botanical-filled vapor into your lungs. Compared to other consumption methods, vaping with a vaporizer like those from HoneyStick offers the quickest natural effects.

A HoneyStick vaporizer is also a beneficial device for safely inhaling botanical oils, concentrates, extracts, and waxes. While smoking creates toxins and irritants that bother the throat and lungs, Honey Stick vapes avoid these dangerous byproducts by heating your materials to a lower temperature. What results is a pure, clean botanical-filled vapor that is easy on your lungs.

All of the vaporizers from Honey Stick are crafted with portability in mind. Lightweight and sized to fit in a palm, pocket, or purse, these vape pens will gladly join along to wherever life takes you. Once you experience the natural benefits of vaping, you’ll want to keep your vape close by. For those who prefer a more concealed design for discreet vaping sessions, a Honey Stick vape is a perfect portable vaporizer choice.

A Honey Stick vaporizer is an incredibly affordable way to experience the natural benefits of vaping botanical concentrates and oils. Without sacrificing quality, Honey Stick crafts vaporizers that align with more budgets. A Honey Stick vaporizer is also more versatile than some portable vaporizers out there. Many of the Honey Stick vape models come with replaceable and refillable Honey Stick vape cartridges, but they are also compatible with most pre-filled cartridges on the market (510-thread).

Available Honey Stick Vaporizers & Vape Tanks to Buy

Honey Stick offers an impressive line of high-performing portable mod vapes that are small, discreet, and easy-to use. Each of these Honey Stick vapes comes with a USB charging cable, so that you can power up from nearly anywhere. Here are the Honey Stick vape pen choices that are available in the Medical Marijuana, Inc. online shop.

Honey Stick Beekeeper Vape

With its simplistic, compact design, the HoneyStick Beekeeper Vaporizer is a great wax concentrate mod vape for both vaping beginners and enthusiasts. This Honey Stick vape is equipped with a 20 watt mod battery that heats up your favorite extracts and oils in a rapid 5 seconds.

The Honey Stick Beekeeper Vape comes with a removable tank that can be filled and refilled with your choice of waxy botanicals and oils, like Dixie Botanicals® CBD Vape Liquid. It secures into place through magnetic connection. The HoneyStick Beekeeper also works with pre-filled universal 510 thread cartridges, such as the Dixie Botanicals® CBD Vape Cartridge.

The Beekeeper Honey Stick vape pen is perfect for on-the-go vaping. It fits comfortably and discreetly in your palm or pocket.

Honey Stick Elf Auto Draw Vaporizer

Like the Honey Stick Beekeeper, the Honey Stick Elf Auto Draw Vaporizer is constructed with portable vaping in mind. This box mod style vape is lightweight and just over 3 inches tall, yet packs a high-capacity 350mAh battery with 3.7 volts output. The Honey Stick Elf features auto draw functionality, meaning its battery will turn on automatically as you take a pull from the mouthpiece, heating your botanical oils and producing inhalable clouds in seconds.

The HoneyStick Elf Auto Draw comes with a refillable botanical oil cartridge that slides into a concealed port and snaps magnetically into place. It will also work with other universal 510-thread cartridges that are prefilled with botanical oils and waxes. Honey Stick inserts a cleverly placed window so you can conveniently see whether a refill or replacement is needed soon.

Honey Stick MiniMax FOB Vaporizer

If discreteness is something you value, the Honey Stick MiniMax FOB Vaporizer may be the e-juice and oils vape for you. Designed to look like a regular car FOB or clicker, the HoneyStick MiniMax FOB vape offers vaping at its most concealed.

This ingenious portable vape from Honey Stick is designed to work with pre-filled 510 thread cartridges of your favorite botanical oils and juices. It’s equipped with a smart chip that detects cartridge type, and adjust by producing the optimal current from an enhanced vaping experience. A 500mAh battery with a 4V output level heats up the oils and juices in a rapid 5 seconds, perfect ford discreetly enjoying quick draws throughout the day.

Where to Buy a Honey Stick Vape

The ultra portable Honey Stick Beekeeper, Honey Stick Elf Auto Draw, and Honey Stick MiniMax FOB vaporizers are available to order online today. You can find the right Honey Stick Vaporizer for you through the Medical Marijuana, Inc. online shop, or discover even more wax concentrate vaporizers that are available. We’ve carefully curated a selection of high-quality vaporizers so that you can find a vaping device that best meets your needs, preferences, and budget concerns.