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About Larabar Hemp Bars

Founded by Lara Merriken in early 2000, the Larabar brand has become synonymous with healthy indulgence. A nutritiously sweet and wholesome bar made from fruit and nuts was just the beginning for this company and it soon grew to a massive, industry-leading health food manufacturer.

The company has come a long way since the early days of Merriken blending organic foods in her Cuisinart food processor, forming each bar with a rolling pin, and has gone on to produce over a million bars a year. Larabar Hemp Foods carry the deep passion that Merriken began in her kitchen decades ago, that real, natural foods help to live better lives and improve health.

The longstanding motto of Larabar is to bring simple, pure, and delicious natural products into your home and promote healthy wholesome eating. Every flavor from Larabar is all-natural and made from combining nuts, fruits, and spices to satisfy any whole food craving. Each bar contains few ingredients and is specified to fit any nutritional need and satisfy any craving and with over 20 flavors of Larabar, it is easy to find favorites and stock up.

Benefits of Eating Larabar Hemp Bars

Larabar hemp foods, like their hemp protein bar, are all-natural and made from organic, wholesome ingredients and nutritious hemp seeds. Each bar contains between two and nine ingredients to create a deliciously sweet and satisfying snack without sacrificing healthy living.

The Larabar Hemp Bar line of products is crafted from all-natural hemp seeds, lavender, and real blueberries to make an irresistible snack that is easy to grab and go without relying on toxic sweeteners and refined sugars.

Organic hemp seeds carry all essential amino acids and provide a complete plant-based protein source to fuel a busy day. Relax and indulge with the sweet natural taste of blueberries brimming with antioxidants and minerals. Larabar hemp protein bars pack nutritional benefits into a small, easy to carry, and satisfying treat.

Each hemp seed bar from Larabar is 100% Kosher, non-GMO certified, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and 100% vegan to ensure that every moment of sweet indulgence is 100% natural. Larabar hemp protein bars provide an easy and convenient way to indulge without losing healthy nutritional benefits. A tradition that Larabar is proud to continue with every product.

Types of Larabar Hemp Bars to Choose From

Larabar has become one of the most sought after health food manufacturers in the market and the Medical Marijuna Inc. online store provides our favorite hemp protein bars available for purchase.

Larabar Organic Blueberry Lavender Hemp Bar

Seven wholesome ingredients make the Larabar Organic Blueberry Lavender Hemp Bar a protein-filled snack that provides real, long-lasting energy all day. Made from all-natural hemp seeds, dates, apples, almonds, blueberries, and intoxicating fresh lavender, the Larabar hemp bar is an easy and convenient way to get a nutritional boost on the go. A deliciously delicate and indulgent sweet hemp protein snack that won't weigh you down.

Where to Buy Larabar Hemp Bars

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