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Experience the very best of dry herb vaping with a Magic Flight vaporizer. Maker of the world-famous Launch Box Vaporizer, Magic Flight combines elegant handcrafted design with high-performing heating technology for enhanced vaping sessions.

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About Magic Flight Vaporizers

Magic Flight handcrafts artisan vaporizers in San Diego, California and is committed to providing effective vaporizer technology using the most sustainable materials and methods available. Since 2014, a deep commitment to sustainability and a focus on top-notch quality allows Magic Flight to engineer vaporizers unlike anything else on the market.

Each hand made device comes engraved with their motto, “Love is that which enables choice, love is always stronger than fear, always choose on the basis of love.” It reaches deep into the heart of Magic Flight vaporizers and the family-like community they cultivate around their products. The call of love and community is in every Magic Flight Vaporizer with a lifetime warranty on every product that leaves the factory and an attention to detail that is unmatched.

By creating a family around their vaporizers, Magic flight manages to constantly improve their signature Magic Flight Launch Box design. A close team of artisans, scientists, and engineers carefully evaluate performance as well as customer feedback and preferences to reinvent and improve their vaporizer regularly. Magic Flight puts accuracy and precision above all else and stands by each product with a lifetime warranty.

Benefits of a Magic Flight Vaporizer

Magic Flight Vaporizers follow a circle of sustainability unlike any other vaporizer manufacturer in the industry. One of the most popular and recognizable dry herb vaporizers on the market, the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer is their signature design specifically engineered for high quality and discreet vaping while using natural elements to ensure purity.

The simple design and ease of use allow for a smooth airflow to express the natural essence of each herb with little draw resistance. Each handcrafted Launch Box vaporizer from Magic Flight is put together and tested in an 87 step process to ensure top quality and construction.

Made in the USA of handcrafted renewable wood, a Magic Flight vaporizer also appeals to vaping consumers who value simple yet elegant aesthetics. While you’ll feel proud to hold the Magic Flight Launch Box in your hand, the portable vaping device looks good enough to leave out on display.

Along with an elegant design, the Launch Box vaporizer provides a superior inhalation method to combustion smoking. The heating chamber uses conduction to safely heat your favorite dry herbs without burning them to preserve the natural tastes and aromas of the flower or essential herb. Unlike when smoking, vaping with a Magic Flight Vaporizer and other portable vaporizers like it is gentle on the lungs and throat. By avoiding combustion, Magic Flight vaporizers eliminate the toxins and other harmful byproducts found in smoke.

Small and compact, Magic Flight vaporizers create no smoke odor and dissipate quickly to ensure each vape experience is quick and discreet. The popular Magic Flight Launch Box is battery powered and small enough to fit comfortably in your palm, so you never have to leave home without your favorite vape. That’s why we selected the Magic Flight Launch Box as one of the best portable vaporizers for your summer trips.

Vaping has skyrocketed in popularity over recent years. There are so many benefits of using a vaporizer, and if you’ve decided to give vaping a try, you won’t go wrong with a Magic Flight vape. The company backs the Launch Box’s heating element with an unprecedented lifetime functional warranty.

Which Magic Flight Vape is Right for You

You’ll find a high-quality Magic Flight Vaporizer in the Medical Marijuana, Inc. online shop. We carry the highly sought after Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer and Magic Flight Launch Box Batteries for whenever you need a little extra juice.

Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

Handmade in the USA, the Launch Box Vaporizer from Magic Flight is built with precision and performance in mind. A small and compact design allows for easy portability and operates on rechargeable AA NiMH batteries.

The convenient Magic Flight Launch Box is built for enjoying the natural benefits of dry herbs. Crafted from renewable wood, the Launch Box boasts a user-friendly operation. Simply insert the battery and it heats in 5 seconds.

Every Magic Flight Launch Box comes with 2 rechargeable NiMH batteries with protective caps, a battery charger, a glass draw stem, a cleaning brush and an instruction booklet with tips for those new to vaping.

Ideal for both vaping beginners and long-time enthusiasts, the Magic Flight Launch Box is one of the most affordable portable dry herb vaporizers available. Guaranteed to improve the vaping experience, Magic Flight backs each product with a lifetime warranty.

Magic Flight Replacement Batteries

Be sure you always have the right batteries for your Magic Flight Launch Box. Magic Flight replacement batteries are designed specifically for easy operation with the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer. The 2250mAh capacity batteries are rechargeable and provide surges of power to heat the launch box vaporizer in just 5 seconds. Recharge them up quickly and easily with the Magic Flight AA Battery Charger. Equipped with a rubber grip to protect each battery from damage, the Magic Flight launch box batteries make it easy to always have a charged battery nearby.

How to Use the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

Vaping with the Magic Flight Launch Box vape is conveniently easy. After finely grinding your dry herb of choice with a grinder, load them into Launch Box’s trench. Then, insert the positive end of a fully charged Magic Flight Battery into the battery hole and hold it there until vapor begins to form, after 3-5 seconds.

Once vapor forms, continue holding in the battery as you take a draw from the Launch Box’s draw hole or glass draw stem and pull the vapor into your lungs. Release the battery in between draws.

Where to Buy the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

Finding the right vaporizer can take time, but at Medical Marijuana Inc. we make the searching easy and fast. Browse the Medical Marijuana Inc. online shop to purchase a Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer with replacement Magic Flight Launch Box Batteries now.