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About Navitas Naturals Hemp Foods

Founded in 2003 and run by a husband and wife team, Zach and Meghan Adelman, Navitas Naturals Hemp Foods brings the best the world has to offer with all things superfood and all things family. Deeply committed to community and sustainability, Navitas works with local farmers throughout the world to bring the best organic superfoods to market. Fresh, organic, and sustainable food is at the heart of Navitas.

Navitas Naturals strives to provide nutrient-dense foods to aid in healthy lifestyles and energize the world through healthy eating. A commitment to innovation and diverse product development, Navitas’ team searches the Earth for the best natural hemp foods available. A deep respect for ancient culture and nutrient-rich plant-based foods fuels the fire for healthy, sustainable living and the benefits of real wholesome foods.

Navitas has a belief in wholesome, holistic principles and nutrient-dense foods to lift mind, body, and spirit to a healthy energized state that allows for the healthiest lifestyle imaginable. A family-run company that energizes and motivates by providing nutrient-rich foods for wholesome, healthy living.

Why Should You Add Navitas Naturals to Your Diet?

Superfoods can add endurance to an active healthy lifestyle by containing large amounts of protein, minerals, antioxidants, and natural sugars. Hemp foods offer many benefits and can boost and maintain healthy energy levels through natural, organic processes. Great tasting superfoods are what Navitas Natural aims for.

Hemp products are filled to the brim with fatty acids, fiber, and minerals that boost digestive health and help to maintain an active, organic lifestyle. Navitas Naturals provides a wide array of products to fit any dietary health need and ensures organic healthy living through real, unprocessed foods. Available in hemp protein powders, hemp seeds and more, all full of Omega-3’s and natural fiber that boost health and energy, Navitas Naturals hemp foods bring a rich organic sentiment to the natural nutrition found in hemp food products.

Navitas Naturals explores and discovers innovative superfoods on a daily basis to create the best organic products in the hemp foods industry. By focusing on real nutrient-dense foods, Navitas Naturals provides healthy supplemental nutrition options to boost clean eating and healthy living.

Types of Navitas Naturals Hemp Foods Available

The Medical Marijuana Inc. online Shop carries a variety of hemp food products from Navitas Naturals. Compare Navitas Naturals with other leading hemp food products.

Navitas Naturals Organic Hemp Powder

50% protein by weight, Navitas Naturals Organic Hemp Powder is cold-pressed from whole organic hemp seeds. Filled with 13 grams of protein per serving, the plant-based vegetarian powder easily mixes in recipes or smoothies for healthy alternatives to flour or animal-based proteins. Rich in amino acids and fiber, Navitas Naturals Organic Hemp Powder is a healthy superfood ready to energize all day long.

Navitas Naturals Organic Hemp Seeds

Navitas Naturals Organic Hemp Seeds are a protein-rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids and minerals in a sustainable plant-based form that is great for snacking or mixing in recipes. Buttery and delicious, Navitas Naturals Organic Hemp Seeds provide a healthy nutrient-rich protein source to support an active health-conscious lifestyle.

Where to Buy Navitas Naturals Hemp Foods

Finding the right hemp food products can be a challenge. In the Medical Marjuina Inc. online shop, signature hemp food products from Navitas Naturals can be purchased and compared to other leading brands. Browse our selection of Navitas Naturals Hemp Food products today.