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About Nutiva Hemp Foods

Nutiva’s founder and CEO, John Roulac first started the company in 1999 with about 500 hemp seed bars he had baked in his home kitchen. Long before the trends of healthy eating became mainstream, Roulac cultivated a deep passion for wholesome organic foods and started Nutiva to share his passion with the world.

Fast forward to today and Nutiva is one of the biggest names in the hemp foods industry. Nutiva Hemp Foods are made and grown in fully sustainable cultivation chains and every Nutiva product, from hemp seeds to hemp protein powders, is non-GMO certified and organically grown and cultivated. Roulac has made it his mission to assemble the best team in the business, a family that understands how important healthy wholesome foods are to ourselves and our planet.

The company strives to change the world through healthy, organic, sustainable eating one hemp plant at a time. Focusing on purity, community, and well-being, Nutiva is on a mission to bring clean, sustainable hemp foods and hemp products to the world. From seed to plant, Nutiva is using this amazing superfood to change lives and the planet.

Benefits of Eating Nutiva Hemp Foods

Hemp carries an elevated nutritional content in its genetic makeup, earning it the coveted title of “Superfood,” which means it carries extra nutrients to boost healthy living and active healthy lifestyles. Nutiva is non-GMO certified and 100% organic and sustainable, which means it is not only nutrient rich, it is environmentally stable. Nutiva hemp foods bring wholesome eating and sustainable farming and processing together.

There are many benefits of adding hemp to your diet. Foods made from hemp seeds are rich in fatty acids and fiber that benefit digestive health and can be easily implemented into any diet regimen. The many forms of Nutiva hemp food products allow for easy supplementation by simply snacking on delicious hemp seeds, or curbing a sweet craving with Nutiva’s organic chocolate protein powder, all while staying gluten free.

Nutiva maintains endless innovation to make the best organic products to fit the nutritional benefits of hemp foods into any lifestyle. By focusing on their real food manifesto, Nutiva provides health enthusiasts with easy supplemental nutrition options to put hemp superfoods into your health regimen.

Which Nutiva Product is Right for You

The Medical Marijuana Inc. online shop carries a variety of Nutiva Hemp Food products to fit any lifestyle. Discover what benefits a superfood like hemp can add to your nutrition.

Nutiva Organic Vanilla Hemp Protein Powder

Smooth and creamy vanilla flavor that doesn't use any artificial flavorings. Nutiva’s Organic Vanilla Hemp Protein Powder is a superfood shake mix that mixes instantly and is perfect for smoothies or a quick hemp snack on the go. Packed with amino acids and made 100% sustainably, Nutiva’s Vanilla Hemp Protein is a tasty way to bring the nutritional benefits of hemp into a satisfying, protein-packed shake.

Nutiva Organic Chocolate Hemp Protein Powder

Rich and sweet, Nutiva’s Organic Chocolate Hemp Protein Powder is 100% organic, vegan, and gluten free. Brimming with amino acids and nutritional benefits, the chocolate hemp protein brings healthy branched-chain amino acids with every serving and aids in digestive health. A great way to curb a sweet craving, Nutvia’s Organic Chocolate Hemp Protein Powder tastes delicious and brings superfood to a whole new level.

Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein Hi-Fiber

Rich in fiber to boost digestive health, Nutiva’s Organic Hemp Protein Hi-Fiber is cold-processed and completely free of chemicals and preservatives. 100% vegan and loaded with amino acids, the rich, plant-based protein is a superfood powerhouse that adds clean superfood health benefits. Each serving brings 11 grams of protein and 12 grams of fiber.

Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein - 15G

Made from raw hemp seeds, Nutiva’s Organic Hemp protein is a high quality, plant-based protein that is gently cold-processed without the use of any harsh chemicals. Completely vegan and rich in 9 essential branched-chain amino acids that add immense health benefits as well as help the digestive process. Also available in Hi-Fiber.

Nutiva Organic Shelled Hempseed

Pure organic hempseed is rich in Omega-3’s and minerals and is packed with all 20 amino acids. Hempseed has a luscious nutty flavor that can complement any salad or smoothie, or even be enjoyed right out of the bag by the handful. 33% protein by weight, Nutiva’s Organic Shelled Hempseed is a nutritious way to achieve your healthy lifestyle goals.

Where to Buy Nutiva Hemp Foods

Healthy living starts with healthy nutrition. Hemp superfoods are easy to fit into any healthy lifestyle and bring immense nutritional benefits. The Medical Marijuana Inc. online shop provides a curated line of Nutiva Hemp Foods for our community. Shop Nutiva Hemp Foods in the Medical Marijuana Inc online store now.