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Shop for original and replacement parts for your favorite tabletop and portable vaporizers. Our selection of vaporizer parts will provide you with everything you need to enjoy your favorite vaporizer time and again.

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Available Vaporizer Parts

Medical Marijuana, Inc. stocks a variety of new and replacement vaporizer parts, like mouthpieces and vaporizer balloons, in case you break or lose yours, or if you’d rather not clean the ones you have. Our available vaporizer parts will make sure you can keep on enjoying your vaping sessions.

Refresh your old Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer bags with the Arizer Extreme Q Balloon Kit. Designed to work with the premium Arizer Extreme Q tabletop vaporizer, this replacement balloon kit comes with 4 food-grade vaporizer balloons, 2 glass mouthpieces, and 4 vaporizer o-rings to make sure you keep having the best vaping experience possible. The balloon bags and glass mouthpieces in this kit can be used to replace or add to the balloons, glass whip mouthpieces, mini whip, silicone whip, and glass aromatherapy dish that the Arizer Extreme Q comes with.

Benefits of Vaporizer Parts

A high-quality vaping session is all about the right vaporizer parts and accessories. If you want maximize your vaping enjoyment, it helps to make sure you have the right high-quality parts for the type of experience you’re seeking.

Vaporizer parts allow you to replace or add to the vaporizer components you have in your collection. Over time, the mouthpieces, balloons, and other parts of your vaporizer may break, deteriorate or suffer from residue buildup. All vapes may need replacement mouthpieces, whips, and balloon bags. By buying replacement vaporizer parts, you can switch out those used components for new ones and keep getting the most from your favorite vaporizer.

You may also want to augment your vaping experience with new parts and attachments, like glass mouthpieces, balloon bags, and more. For example, while glass mouthpieces are shorter and offer more intensely direct draws, whip tubes allow the vapor to cool before it reaches your lungs for a smoother experience. Balloon bags collect larger amounts of vapor and are detachachable, so you can savor your vaping experience over time, or share with friends. Buying new vaporizer parts can introduce you to a whole new vaping sensation.

Where to Buy Vaporizer Parts

With all the vaporizers on the market, the number of vape parts available can make shopping for vaporizer parts like vaporizer balloons and mouthpieces overwhelming. Medical Marijuana, Inc. offers only the best vaporizer parts and accessories to enhance your vaping experience.

You can find the vape parts you need in our online shop. We also offer storage containers, grinders, pipes, and cleaning supplies If you’re in search of inhalation accessories.