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Personal Bags with Odor Proof Technology

Odor proof personal bags mean you can now bring along your dry herbs, extracts, and accessories while keeping them discreet and protected from the elements. Crafted with innovative odor absorbing technology like activated charcoal filters, these personal bags keep your valuables a secret.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. carries expertly crafted personal bags from Revelry Supply, based out of Santa Cruz, California. Made from top quality materials like durable nylon fabric and cotton canvas, sturdy lockable zippers and clasps, and twill lining, these odor resistant handbags keep your stash protected as you travel in style.

Perfect to use for travel or as an everyday wallet or purse, Revelry Supply’s odor proof personal bags are inspired by a desire to create superior luggage products that seamlessly fit in to a person’s everyday routine.

Benefits of an Odor Proof Toiletry and Single-Pocket Bag

Odor resistant toiletry and single pocket bags allow you to travel while keeping your dry herbs, extracts, and other botanical accessories discreet and secure. The odor proof personal bags available in the Medical Marijuana, Inc. online shop are constructed with innovative, top-quality materials like heavy-duty rubber backing and carbon filter systems to prevent odors from escaping. Discreetly carry your favorite botanical materials without bothering those nearby.

Now you can bring along your botanicals and other valuables knowing they’ll be protected from the elements. Available in both wallet-like single-pocket designs and larger, toiletry-bag styles, odor resistant personal bags feature a unique rubber-backed nylon design for superior durability and water resistance. 

Odor proof personal bags from Revelry Supply also feature lockable zippers to ensure your dry herbs, extracts, and other valuables are kept secure. Bring along your botanical goods wherever your next adventure leads.

Available Odor Resistant Personal Bags

Medical Marijuana, Inc. carries top-quality odor resistant personal bags from Revelry Supply. Keep your botanicals discreet and secure while traveling in style. Choose between Revelry’s single-pocket bags and pouches, or their multi-compartment toiletry bag.

Revelry Supply: The Broker Bag

The Broker by Revelry Supply is a simple, elegantly-designed single pocket bag that keeps your small belongings safe and secure while you travel. Featuring rubber backed canvas construction to seal out water and a lockable, waterproof zipper, the Broker personal bag  ensures safety while remaining practical and stylish. Revelry’s signature carbon filter system prevents unwanted odors. An elegant smell-proof handbag that works wonderfully as a wallet or purse.

Revelry Supply: The Confidant Bag

The Confidant from Revelry Supply is a sleek little single pocket design bag that makes packing your dry herbs, extracts, and other essentials easy and fast. Durable rubber-backed nylon material ensures a watertight seal, while a double hook and loop closure offers greater security while you’re on your adventure. The Confidant bag features Revelry’s signature carbon filter system to block odors, plus a unique, custom twill lining for a touch of class.

Revelry Supply: The Stowaway Bag

Keep secure all your essentials in the Stowaway from Revelry Supply, the ultimate travel companion. This elegant, odor-proof toiletry bag is filled with compartments and dividers to keep your herbs and extracts safe and in their place. Extra padding offers greater protection for fragile items, and waterproof rubber-backed nylon construction prevents leaks. Revelry’s signature carbon filter system prevents unwanted odors from escaping.

Shop for an Odor Absorbent Personal Bag

Browse our selection of expertly crafted Revelry Supply personal bags. You’ll find stylish single-pocket handbags and multi-compartment toiletry bags that are smell proof and keep your herbs, concentrates and accessories private and protected.

For those needing even more space, Revelry Supply also offers odor proof backpacks, including the classic-style Escort and the Drifter roll-top, as well as odor resistant duffle bags like the Overnighter, the Around Towner, and the Continental.

Get more guidance on which water resistant and odor absorbing bag from Revelry Supply is best for you through our Revelry Supply Odor Proof Bags Buyer’s Guide.