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About Pipes

With more being discovered about the natural benefits of botanical dry herbs everyday, a growing number of people are exploring the use of pipes. Used for thousands of years, pipes are highly-popular personal smoking devices designed to efficiently consume dry herbs and absorb their active compounds.

Smoking out of a pipe involves packing dried herb into the bowl of the pipe, lighting the herb with the use of a lighter or torch, and then inhaling the smoke through the pipe’s mouthpiece. Some smoking pipes feature a carb hole (sometimes just “carb”), which is a small hole that allows you to control airflow as you inhale.

Pipes come in an array of sizes, shapes, and styles, giving dry herb users a lot of options when it comes to choosing a smoking pipe. Medical Marijuana, Inc. carries several types of pipes including:

  • Dry hand pipes like one-hitters, spoon pipes, and steamrollers require only dry herbs and a lighter.
  • Water pipes, including bongs and bubblers, function similarly to dry hand pipes but add the use of water to cool and filter the smoke for smoother, more comfortable draws.
  • Dab rigs also incorporate the use of water, and are designed to flash vaporize botanical extract and concentrates rather than dry herb.

What are the Benefits of Pipes?

For a variety of reasons, pipes are one of the most popular accessories for consuming dry herb. Here are some of the advantages of using pipes to enjoy the natural health effects of botanical herbs and waxes:

  • Efficient for fast effects: Using a pipe to inhale dry herbs and concentrates offers faster natural effects than other methods because the botanical compounds avoid having to pass through the digestive tract and liver. A smoking pipe allows you to inhale the active compounds of your favorite herb and concentrates as a smoke, which means they’re absorbed and delivered to your systems nearly immediately.
  • Portable: Pipes come in many sizes to meet the needs of all types of lifestyles, including handheld and portable options that work perfectly for herb enthusiasts who are always on-the-go.
  • Quick and easy to use: Pipes in general are fast and simple to load and use. Smoking with a pipe is also a reliable and easy way to consume dry herb.
  • Can offer filtration and cooling: Water pipes, like bongs and bubblers, feature a percolation chamber that cools and filtrates smoke before it reaches the mouthpiece, enabling larger, smoother, and more comfortable draws.
  • No need to worry about a battery: Whether using a dry hand pipe, water pipe, or dab rig, battery power or access to a wall outlet is never a concern. In general, using a pipe only requires your herb or concentrate material, a lighting source (such as a lighter or torch), and in some cases water.

What are Your Choices?

Medical Marijuana, Inc. has curated a collection of the finest pipes, water pipes, and dab rigs available, so you can buy yours with confidence, knowing you have found a reliable, top-quality pipe for enjoying botanical dry herbs and extracts.

As you look into which pipe might be best for you, consider whether you’d like to smoke dry herb or dab concentrates, whether you’d prefer the filtration and cooling effects of water, and if you have any size considerations.

Dry Hand Pipes

Within the Medical Marijuana, Inc. online shop are some of the best dry hand pipes from the market’s best pipe-makers, including Marley Natural and Eyce who make high quality and durable glass pipes. These dry pipes come in different sizes and shapes to cater to varying needs and preferences.

Think you’d enjoy just a draw or two of your favorite dry herb? Taster pipes (one hitters) like the borosilicate glass-built Marley Natural Glass Taster are smaller and shaped like a tiny cigar, perfect for small bowls and a quick smoking session.

To enjoy longer sessions, the most common pipe style for the use of dry herbs are spoon pipes, which feature a larger smoking bowl on the top of one end and a longer stem leading to the mouthpiece. Made of solid borosilicate glass, the Marley Natural Rise Up Spoon delivers reliably flavorful draws. Made of platinum-cured silicone, the pocket-friendly Eyce Spoon with borosilicate glass bowl is a nearly-indestructible spoon pipe more prepared to survive drops and wear from travel.

Another durable dry pipe is the Prometheus Pocket Pipe by Pyptek, which is made using borosilicate glass in the bowl and stem but is encased with an aerospace-grade aluminum shell. As its name suggests, the Prometheus Pocket Pipe fits easily into most pockets, purses, and bags.

Advanced dry herb smokers seeking thicker, more powerful hits from their pipe may prefer the borosilicate glass Marley Natural Glass Steamroller. With its oversized stem and carb hole, the Marley Natural Glass Steamroller offers maximum airflow for more direct draws.

Water Pipes

Among water pipes there are two main types to choose from-- bubblers and bongs.

Bubblers merge water filtration with a traditional pipe style and tend to be more travel-friendly due to their smaller size. Bong pipes tend to be larger water pipes because of their water chambers and in most cases are used at home rather than for portable use.

Within the Medical Marijuana, Inc. online shop are two classic examples of the bubbler style of pipe. Both the Marley Natural Rise Up Bubbler and Eyce Hammer Bubbler are made using borosilicate glass. However, while the Marley Natural Rise Up Bubbler is 100% sleek, smokey tinted glass, the Eyce Hammer Bubbler is encased in platinum-cured silicone for a more durable construction.

For fans of bongs, there are several high-performing water pipes to choose from.

Featuring the traditional beaker-style bong shape and functionality, the Marley Natural Rise Up Water Pipe is made of sophisticated tinted borosilicate glass. The Marley Natural Rise Up Water Pipe is equipped with an eight slot glass percolator for added filtration, plus an ice catcher for even cooler hits.

Higher Standards also offers a beaker-style water pipe made of high-grade borosilicate glass. Designed for fuller, more comfortably cool draws, the Higher Standards Beaker Water Pipe features a prong style ice catcher and a large 8 inch diameter neck.

If you prefer the beaker-style water pipe, but really want to smoke your dry herb on-the-go, the Eyce Beaker is made with impact resistant silicone for travel-friendly durability. The bowl on the Eyce Beaker is still made with borosilicate glass to ensure flavor and smoothness, and an optional ice catcher is available if you prefer cooler hits.

Offering the ultimate in water pipe versatility, the Famous Brandz Snoop Dogg Pounds Water Pipe allows you to switch between a glass bowl for dry herb or a glass quartz banger for concentrates and extracts. The Famous Brandz Snoop Dogg Pounds Water Pipe is a top choice for those who would enjoy using both a bong and a dab rig.

Dab Rigs

Dab rigs are pipes designed for dabbing, or vaporizing, concentrates and extracts. Like bongs, dab rings use water to cool the vapor before inhalation. Dab rigs have surged in popularity in recent years as more people discover concentrates and their quick-acting and concentrated natural effects.

Those brand new to dabbing can get everything needed to get started with the Higher Standards Rig Kit, which comes with a borosilicate glass rig, a quartz banger (“bucket”), a four-chamber silicon container for concentrate storage, and premium dab tools.

Eyce utilizes their trademark premium silicone to create dab rigs that are lightweight, impact resistant, and easy to clean. The Eyce Rig II comes with a reversible 10mm titanium nail as the surface you heat to vaporize your concentrates. Like the Higher Standards Rig, the Eyce Sidecar Rig utilizes a quartz banger for dabbing, but also features an external male fitting so you can swap it out for a titanium or ceramic nail if you prefer. Both Eyce dab rigs feature dab tool holders and built-in hidden containers for your favorite botanical concentrates.

Looking for An Inhalation Option Other than Pipes?

Medical Marijuana, Inc. carries a variety of popular and affordable pipes, but they aren't the only option. Like pipes, vaporizers allow you to inhale dry herbs and concentrates for fast natural effects. Vaporizers are personal heating devices that heat botanical materials to their boiling points, rather than burning them like you would with pipes. Find our selection of Vaporizers here.