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About Prepara Containers

Founded by Dean Chapman, Prepara was created to enhance the cooking and food storage experience by making air-tight storage easy and quick. No more vacuum pumps or mason jars because Prepara has revolutionized the market. 

Every Prepara container is designed, crafted, and shipped directly from their New York City headquarters, constructing every product right here in the USA. The elegant, heavy-duty glass ensures a durable storage container that is dishwasher safe and easy to use.

The simple design of the push-top closure from Prepara is revolutionizing the herbs, spices, and food storage experience by integrating top-quality construction into a user friendly function that can easily be sealed and unsealed with the push of the top.

Prepara Evak Glass Storage

The complete Evak Glass Storage line from Prepara is designed for convenience and function. By using their signature push top closure lid, air-tight food and product storage is achieved with just the push of your hand. 

Creating air-tight storage instantly is what is so revolutionary in the Prepara Evak Glass Container design. The quick and easy function to seal and store in seconds allows for easy and compact storage instantly. Available in compact, medium, and large sizes, the Evak Glass Storage system has everything you need to become a master in dry herb and food storage.

The Compact Evak Glass Container

Offering 16oz of storage, the Compact Evak Glass Container is perfect for your small collection of dry herbs and spices. It’s made from durable borosilicate glass and the patented Evak closure system ensures your goods are protected from air exposure after every use. Go ahead and pop the top to enjoy your fresh, aromatic dry herbs wherever your adventure takes you. 

The Medium Evak Glass Container

With 24oz of storage space, the Medium Evak Glass Container features larger overall capacity yet is crafted from the same high-quality borosilicate glass found in the Evak line of storage containers. You can rely on Prepara’s reputation of durable, high-quality storage solutions in this medium-sized container, with an air-tight push top seal that ensures quality dry herbs for weeks.

The Large Evak Glass Container

The Large Evak Glass Container features an incredible 46oz storage capacity that’s perfect for your larger stash of food, dry herbs, or spices. Its air-tight push-top lid keeps your goods free from humidity and other atmospheric particles that can impact freshness. This large Evak Glass container is big enough to carry a large amount of product, and durable enough to serve as a high-quality storage solution for years.

Why Buy a Prepara Glass Storage

The Evak Glass Containers from Prepara are constructed and engineered with air-tight storage and protection in mind. Each borosilicate glass container seals completely to protect your herbs and food goods from mold, humidity exposure, and other particles that can damage the quality and freshness of your favorite product. 

Prepara’s Evak glass storage containers seal tight to both prevent the leakage of aromatic smells and sealing in freshness. A valuable storage accessory for those who value high-quality smoking and vaping sessions. By keeping your herbs fresh and humidity free, they will grind and heat more efficiently than a product that has been left out and exposed to air. The Prepara line of glass containers is also perfect for food storage and other products that you need to keep sealed and air-tight.

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