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About Pulsar Vaporizers

A small, close-knit team of passionate vaping enthusiasts is what gives Pulsar vaporizers its industry-leading status. A team of high-minded designers and engineers began crafting vaporizing devices in Asheville, NC and gained notoriety with the introduction of the Pulsar APX and its family of products.

Pulsar has now developed and produced over 1000 products to meet various needs in the market. A top-notch development team drives Pulsar’s innovative spirit and is constantly redesigning and improving products already on the shelves, including the Pulsar APX and the Pulsar Flow. Pulsar is an organization with a deep passion and enthusiasm for vape products that are also affordable. With Pulsar, high-quality vaporizers can be enjoyed no matter what your budget is.

Pulsar Vaporizers are constructed with the user in mind. The easy-to-use, single action design and signature convection heating elements ensure a smooth, flavorful experience with every use. By priding themselves on quality, durability, and affordability, Pulsar vaporizers have raised the vape standard and strive to continue to maximize vape experiences all over the world.

Why Vape With Pulsar?

Vaping with the Pulsar family of vape products not only removes harmful carcinogens from the equation, but actually improves and preserves the pure tastes and aromas of your favorite product. Rather than burn botanical materials and produce toxins and other harmful byproducts like smoking, Pulsar vaporizers heat your dry herbs and concentrate to a lower temperature, producing pure, clean clouds of inhalable vapor that are gentle on your lungs and throat.

The vapor inhalation method utilized by Pulsar vaporizers ensures a purity that other inhalation methods cannot achieve. Vaping with a Pulsar vape is also an easy and efficient way to consume botanicals. The botanical-filled vapor you pull into your lungs from the Pulsar vape mouthpiece is quickly absorbed through the lungs for faster natural effects.

Pulsar stands by their products with a manufacturer warranty and has an abundance of vaporizers and vaporizer accessories that will fit any vaping lifestyle. Durable construction and simple, compact design allow Pulsar vapes to travel easily in a pocket or purse and the powerful batteries ensure hours of discreet satisfaction.

Which Pulsar Vaporizer is Right for You?

Medical Marijuana, Inc. has curated a selection of high-quality vaporizers from Pulsar. You’ll find the following Pulsar vapes in our online shop

Pulsar APX

The APX by Pulsar is one of the most awarded dry herb vaporizers on the market. Known for its consistency and affordability, the Pulsar APX comes equipped with a heavy-duty 1600mAh battery that powers the convection oven to heat the signature ceramic chamber to specified temperature settings that range from 356F to 428F.

The convection heating in the Pulsar APX improves the quality and consistency of the herb, preventing the need to stir to ensure a proper vaporization process. A simple, single action button and LED display make using the Pulsar APX as easy as 5 clicks and boasts a 30-second heat up time for quality vapor on the go.

Pulsar Flow

The Pulsar Flow is an exquisite dry herb vaporizer that is compact and durable. It uses a 1600mAh battery to blast convection heat through the quartz-lined chamber. The quartz coating provides a pure, flavorful vape that is uncompromised.

A little larger than the APX, but even more powerful and still pocket-ready, the Pulsar Flow has multiple temperature settings and a magnetic lid to ensure easy refills and cleaning. A signature embossed vapor-cooling internal airflow pattern gives the device its name, while also cooling the vapor with each draw. The Flow heats in just 40 seconds and can be set to an ideal temperature between 356F and 428F for the perfect vape experience.

Where to Buy a Pulsar Vaporizer

The Medical Marijuanna Inc. online store saves you the hassle of searching through product pages for hours to find the right portable vaporizer. We compile the best products from each company and hand select our favorites to provide an in-depth analysis just for you. Explore the stand-out vaporizers from Pulsar available in our online store and discover pure satisfaction.