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About Revelry Supply

Revelry Supply Luggage was founded by a small family coalition of skaters, surfers, artists, and outdoor adventurers in Santa Cruz, California. Inspired by active lifestyles, Revelry Supply Luggage is committed to crafting strong and durable luggage to withstand anything you can throw at it. 

The unique odor-absorbing technology sewn into every Revelry bag is the first-of-its-kind, providing a smell proof travel bag to use all day. Revelry Supply backpacks, duffel bags, and personal bags are made with the company’s signature design that take traditional and classic style and elevate it for the 21st Century. Beautiful detail and craftsmanship has been the goal of Revelry Supply from the beginning. 

Revelry is committed to providing revolutionary bags that can easily fit into any lifestyle. Revelry luggage brings craftsmanship to a whole new level.

Benefits of Revelry Bags

Revelry Supply bags are made from a cutting-edge hybrid technology created that ensures a durable, waterproof fabric, unlike any other luggage on the market. Each bag is expertly crafted by skilled artisans and designers to create a bag that brings durability and style with odor absorbing technology into your lifestyle.

Now you can travel with your favorite dry herbs, concentrates and accessories without having to worry about disturbing those around you. The Carbon Filter System in every Revelry Supply bag was engineered for superior durability, odor absorption, and water resistance. Revelry’s unique designs and attention to detail combines to craft an elegant, stylish bag that resists rain and prevents leaking while the patented Carbon Filter System absorbs unwanted odors. 

The Carbon Filter System consists of three main layers, the two outer layers layers are engineered from synthetic filter fabrics that remove odors on their own. However, Revelry Supply has designed an activated charcoal filter layer that is placed in between the two synthetic filters. This locks in odor and absorbs the odors present in the bags to ensure a fresh, luxurious travel bag after every use. 

Each Revelry Supply bag can be placed in the dryer to release and neutralize any odor buildup that may occur. Simply warm your bag in the dryer for several minutes and the activated charcoal will release all absorbed odors for a fresh, odor free bag every time.

Choosing the Right Revelry Bag for You

The Medical Marjiuana Inc. online shop carries the complete line of Revelry Supply luggage to ensure every moment of travel and adventure has a reliable, durable, waterproof bag to get the job done in style. Choose between their odor proof backpacks, duffel bags, and personal bags.

Revelry Supply “The Escort” Backpack

The Escort backpack from Revelry is made from their signature rubber-backed canvas that is securely stitched to ensure waterproofing with a simple, modern design. Featuring a laptop divider, double side pockets, and a secret inner stash pouch, the Escort is the travel companion that gets the job done while staying fresh with Revelry’s odor absorbing technology.

Revelry Supply “The Drifter” Backpack

The Drifter from Revelry Supply is the perfect bag for the adventurer in all of us. The high quality synthetic nylon construction is waterproof and uses their patented carbon filter system to absorb unwanted odors. A custom twill protective lining keeps your gear safe and secure while the contoured shoulder straps make it comfortable and lightweight.  The Drifter backpack from Revelry Supply is the perfect bag to get you through the everyday hustle and bustle or even a long weekend outdoors.

Revelry Supply “The Broker” Single-Pocket Bag

The simple, elegant design of the Broker bag by Revelry Supply makes it easy to travel while keeping your belongings safe and secure. The rubber-backed canvas construction seals out water and the lockable, waterproof zipper ensures safety while still remaining practical and stylish. Featuring Revelry’s protective twill lining, the Broker is perfect to use as a purse or wallet while traveling.   

Revelry Supply “The Confidant” Single-Pocket Bag

The Confidant from Revelry Supply is a sleek little bag that is built to carry a hefty load. The durable rubber-backed nylon material creates a water resistant seal and the double hook and loop closure ensures a secure, stylish travel bag fit for any adventure. A unique, custom twill lining boasts of Revelry’s attention to detail and design while remaining extremely practical for smart, odor free travel.

Revelry Supply “The Stowaway” Toiletry Bag

The Stowaway from Revelry Supply is the ultimate travel companion. Practically brimming with compartments and dividers, the Stowaway provides organized storage to keep every item in its place, no matter how small. Extra padding ensures that fragile items are kept safe and the waterproof rubber-backed nylon construction prevents any leaking.

Revelry Supply “The Overnighter” Duffle Bag

The Overnighter by Revelry Supply is an elegant, yet rugged duffle bag that is crafted for adventure. The smallest duffle bag from Revelry, The Overnighter is constructed from rubber-backed canvas to ensure a watertight seal and is equipped with their signature odor absorbing carbon filter technology. Convenient outer pockets complement the large single compartment design for maximum carrying capacity in a classic duffle design.

Revelry Supply “The Around Towner” Duffle Bag

The Revelry Around Towner is the stylish, medium-sized duffle from Revelry Supply Luggage that can handle anything, no matter how extreme. The tough, rubber-backed nylon construction creates a large single storage space to fit days worth of travel supplies and the inner stash pocket allows for easy access to essential items. The rugged, durable design ensures water resistance and the revolutionary carbon filter technology keeps each bag odor free. 

Revelry Supply “The Continental” Duffle Bag

The Continental by Revelry Supply is the largest duffle bag available from Revelry. High quality rubber-backed nylon is waterproof and durable enough to withstand any adventure, while the carbon filter technology absorbs any unwanted odors. The huge single compartment is big enough to fit a weeks worth of travel supplies and the inner stash pocket makes it easy to find essentials quickly. 

Where to Buy Revelry Supply Luggage

Every piece of odor-proof luggage carries a unique personality - the avid traveler, the weekend adventurer - but only Revelry Supply bags can combine stylish personality with practical, durable construction and design. That’s why the Medical Marijuana Inc. online shop carries the entire line of Revery Supply Luggage, so you can find the best bag for your personal needs. 

Get more guidance on which water resistant and odor absorbing bag from Revelry Supply is best for you through our Revelry Supply Odor Proof Bags Buyer’s Guide.