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  1. Auto Draw Battery w/Charger

    Providing the ultimate in portability and streamlined performance, the Auto Draw Battery from Green World offers 280mAh of power and auto draw functionality. Designed to be used with botanical oils and CO2 extractions, this sleek vape battery with its universal 510 threading seamlessly connects with almost all pre-filled cartridges. The battery’s ultra slim design and rapid, 5-second heat up time enables quick, discreet vaping. Its stylus tip end works on tablets and smartphones.
  2. KandyPens Slim Battery - Chrome


    Ideal for discreet and convenient vaping on-the-go, KandyPens Slim Battery offers a sleek design and buttonless functionality. The battery activates as you draw from the tank, quickly heating up your favorite waxy oils to produce a pure botanical vapor. With its universal threading, the extremely versatile Slim Battery is designed to work with any 510-threaded tank or cartridge. An included USB charger is perfect for quickly powering the KandyPens Slim Battery while on the move.

  3. Hemp for Pets

    Joint Health Soft Chews

    Promote healthy joints in your pup with CBD oil and other key natural ingredients found in Hemp for Pets™ Joint Health Soft Chews. Formulated with the help of veterinarians, Joint Health Chews are made with full-spectrum CBD oil plus key natural joint-supporting ingredients like glucosamine, chondroitin, and methylsulfonylmethane (MSM). These tasty CBD joint health chews have a natural bacon and chicken flavor that dogs love.
  4. Hemp for Pets

    Everyday Comfort Soft Chews

    Help naturally soothe your dog’s discomfort associated with daily activity with Hemp for Pets™ Everyday Comfort Soft Chews with CBD. Everyday Comfort Chews are crafted with full-spectrum CBD oil, as well as glucosamine, yucca schidigera, and L-tryptophan to ease aches, support healthy joint mobility, and promote overall health. Hemp for Pets™ Everyday Comfort Soft Chews have a natural bacon and chicken flavor that dogs love.
  5. Hemp for Pets

    Soft Baked Cat Chews

    Infused with natural ingredients like smoked salmon and roasted seafood, our Hemp for Pets Soft Baked Cat Chews are the latest addition to our line of superior hemp and CBD animal products. Each star-shaped artisanal CBD cat treat contains 1 mg of CBD to support cardiovascular function, emotional behavior and neurological health in your cat. Hemp for Pets Soft Baked Cat Chews are formulated to satisfy both the taste buds and nutritional needs of your furry family members.
  6. Hemp for Pets

    Seasonal & Environmental Soft Chews

    Designed to naturally promote a healthy inflammatory response, Hemp for Pets™ Seasonal & Environmental Support Soft Chews help to combat seasonal and environmental allergens in your dog while promoting overall health. These bacon and chicken flavor CBD dog chews are expertly formulated by veterinarians to deliver the natural benefits of full-spectrum hemp oil, omegas, turkey tail mushroom, turmeric root, and other natural key ingredients that support healthy histamine levels.
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CBD For Sale: How To Save on CBD Products

Several times a month, we offer promotional discounts on a rotating selection of CBD for sale, including our CBD oil oral applicators, tinctures, liquids, capsules, and other popular CBD oil products, giving you the chance to save big on the best CBD oil available online.

Since 2012, Medical Marijuana, Inc. has made it our mission to provide the benefits of cannabinoids to as many people as possible, worldwide. Part of this mission is making sure our CBD products for sale are accessible to everyone, regardless of geographic location, physical condition, or financial means.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. was the first company to retail CBD oil products, shipping them over state lines and internationally to over 40 countries. Over the years, we’ve worked to improve our techniques, increasing the efficiency of our processes and reducing the costs to produce our products. By refining our global CBD hemp oil pipeline, we have been able to keep the prices of our products affordable throughout the Medical Marijuana, Inc. store while still protecting the high quality of our products.

Best Value CBD Oil for Sale

Medical Marijuana, Inc. takes steps every day to ensure our CBD oil products are as accessible as they can be. That means that when you buy CBD online, you can feel comfortable knowing that you are getting the best CBD product for your money.

However, if you are looking to gain the greatest value from our CBD oil products, then our higher concentration products, like RSHO® CBD oil concentrates and CBD isolate, in the Medical Marijuana, Inc. store are the best way to go. As the CBD concentration and prices of our products go up, the price per milligram of CBD typically goes down.

Our highest concentration CBD oil for sale, like RSHO® Gold Label or RSHO® Special Blend CBD oil concentrates in the oral applicator, have some of the highest levels of CBD per serving, 120 and 190 mg respectively, of all the products in our store. However, these high potency products also present an opportunity to save money. If you aren’t interested in high concentrations of CBD, reducing the suggested serving allows you to reach a CBD level you are comfortable with and still take advantage of the lowest cost per milligram of CBD. You can save even more when you buy CBD oil from RSHO® in three and six packs.

Another way to save money per milligram of CBD is to purchase RSHO® CBD Isolate Powder. Derived from the same hemp plants as our popular CBD oil, CBD Isolate is filtered into a 99 percent pure CBD powder. Available in 1 gram containers, CBD Isolate is our purest and most potent product and is available at only $49.99.

Regardless of which Medical Marijuana, Inc. cost efficient CBD Oil products you decide to make a part of your daily routine, you can be sure that they meet the strict standards we’ve created for all our CBD products. If you need help choosing our product, visit our interactive product tool, Which CBD oil is right for you?

Medical Marijuana, Inc. Focuses on Quality

Your safety and satisfaction are paramount in every decision Medical Marijuana, Inc. makes in our day to day operations. We take a number of important steps during our manufacturing process to ensure that when you buy CBD products you and your family have come to trust, from CBD edibles to isolate powders, they are always the safest and most reliable they can be. These critical safety standards are designed to protect the integrity of our products and enhance your experience with every Medical Marijuana, Inc. CBD oil product you use.

All of the hemp plants used in the creation of our CBD oil products are non-GMO, meaning they haven’t been genetically modified in any way. We chose our specific hemp cultivar from among 3000 potential hemp plants due to its ability to thrive in the microclimates of our farms and its capacity to produce the optimal ratio of CBD for use in our CBD hemp oil products. Medical Marijuana, Inc. focuses on harnessing the all-natural benefits of CBD, and that means using all-natural hemp in the creation of all our products.

For any natural health product, it is important to avoid using chemical pesticides that can cause residual contamination. To protect our customers, we grow all of our hemp without pesticides. Our choice not to use pesticides is also the healthy option for the environment as well. Toxic pesticides sprayed on hemp plants can leach into nearby soil and water sources, negatively impacting local biological environments.

Like with pesticides, we avoid using herbicides because they can affect local biological communities or be absorbed by our hemp plants and transferred residually to our customers. For the safety of our customers and the environment as a whole, Medical Marijuana, Inc. only cultivates hemp grown free of potentially harmful herbicides.

We take into account the safety of our customers in our extraction process as well. There are a number of potential solvents that can be used to extract CBD oil from the cannabis plant. Some companies choose to use dangerous solvents like butane in their extraction process. However, this opens the end user to residual contamination from any solvent that is left unpurged from the oil. To extract our CBD oil from our hemp crops, we use supercritical CO2 in a process that the FDA considers GRAS or “generally regarded as safe”. Because we use a non-toxic solvent, the risk of contaminating our CBD oil is removed.

Our commitment to product quality and purity has driven Medical Marijuana, Inc. and our subsidiary HempMeds® to develop the strictest testing process in our industry, the Triple Lab Tested® standard. We use ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited testing labs to examine our hemp oil and assure both its safety and consistency. These labs test our hemp oil for the concentration of cannabinoids, including CBD, CBDa, CBG, THC, and over a half dozen others. By testing our hemp oil three times during our production process, we ensure that our products are completely safe for use by you and your entire family.