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About Storage of Dry Herbs and Concentrates

Storing your dry herb and concentrates properly is vital for ensuring that your botanical materials maintain their quality and freshness. Extending the life of your dry herbs and wax with a proper storage solution helps ensure that your vaping or smoking experiences are both enjoyable and beneficial.

Exposure to air, oxygen, humidity, and light can cause your dry herbs and concentrates to break down and lose many of their desirable qualities. Herbal products, like herb and extracts, should be generally treated and protected as other, regular food items.

There are storage containers and solutions specially designed for preserving and protecting your dry herb and concentrates.

Dry herbs stay fresh best when they’re kept in an air-sealed environment, such as an airtight container. Air-tight storage containers are available in various sizes, from conveniently portable units for keeping up to an ounce or so while you’re out-and-about, to countertop-sized containers meant for storing larger amounts. Medical Marijuana Inc. carries several airtight and odorless storage container options.

Concentrate vaping or dabbing can be a sticky, sometimes messy process, but concentrate storage containers can keep concentrates under control. Most containers for concentrates are small enough to keep in a pocket or bag so you can take your extracts wherever you go.

What are the Benefits of Storage Containers for Dry Herbs and Concentrates?

Specialized herb and concentrate storage containers offers many benefits, including:

  • Preserves flavor and aroma of dry herbs and concentrates: Keeping your dry herb and concentrates fresh with an adequate storage solution allow for more flavorful vaping and dabbing experiences.
  • Preserves the active compounds in dry herbs and concentrates: Protecting your dry herbs and concentrates from degradation preserves their active compounds and therefore their natural effects.
  • Can be taken on the go: Some dry herb and concentrate containers are palm-sized and designed with portable use in mind. These smaller storage containers are an ideal option for consumers who enjoy vaping or dabbing while on-the-go.
  • Airtight and odorless containers: Dry herb containers protect your botanicals while keeping the smell unobtrusive.
  • Short-term and long-term storage options available: Dry herb and concentrate storage containers vary in size and air-tightness. Some concentrate storage containers are ideal for people who regularly vape or dab and need a short-term storage option, while some dry herb containers can keep material fresh for a year or more.

What are Your Choices for Dry Herb and Concentrate Storage?

Medical Marijuana, Inc. has curated a collection of high-quality dry herb and concentrate storage containers to help preserve and protect the flavor and integrity of your materials for vaping and smoking.

Designed for portable, short-term storage of your concentrates, waxy oils, and extracts, the KandyPens Storage Ball is made of non-stick silicone for effortless loading and removal. A great option for preserving the potency and flavor of your concentrates for a week or as as you use them, the BPA-free KandyPens Storage Ball comes apart easily and closes securely.

Provide airtight protection of your dry herbs for a year or more with TightVac Containers, which feature a patented partial vacuum-seal system and a convenient button-release valve. TightVac Containers keep moisture and oxygen out while allowing gas buildup to escape slowly, preserving the integrity and flavor of your dry herbs and other goods. TightVac offers high-quality herb storage containers in multiple sizes. At 5.75 inches tall, the .57L TightVac Container holds up about an ounce of dry botanical herb at a time and is great for portable use. Ideal for at-home storage, the 2.35L TightVac Container is 10.25 inches tall and holds up to 150 grams of dry herb. It works great as a large curing container.

Whichever dry herb or concentrate storage container from Medical Marijuana, Inc. you choose, be sure to keep the container in a cool and dark place to further help prevent exposure to heat and light.