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About ThisThingRips Vaporizers

This Thing Rips produces cutting-edge premium portable vaporizers designed for enhancing the experience of vaping concentrates and extracts. Whether it’s their innovative vape pens or other inhalation accessories, every selection from ThisThingRips is built with high-quality materials.

This Thing Rips’ high-quality vape pens are equipped with advanced vaping technologies while touting discreet designs for portability. Their cutting-edge portable vaporizer selections have been highlighted by some of the most renowned publications in the vaping space, including Viceland, Herb and Leafly.

Founded in 2011, This Thing Rips has built a reputation for producing wax pen vaporizers that offer advanced performance while maintaining affordability. All vape pens from This Thing Rips boast sleek, discreet styling that’s perfect for on-the-go vaping sessions.

Why Choose a ThisThingRips Vaporizer?

Vaping with innovative wax pens like those from This Thing Rips has grown in popularity in recent years, largely due to its advantages over other inhalation consumption methods. Unlike smoking, vaporizers, like the Roil Gen3 and the ReMIX from This Thing Rips, avoids the negative health effects and offers an inoffensive smell.  

This Thing Rips vaporizers deliver flavorful and safe rips of botanical vapor by heating your extracts and isolate powders slowly and at low temperatures. By not using combustion, these vape pens avoid the creation of harmful toxins, carcinogens, carbon monoxide, and particulate matter created when smoking. Instead, This Thing Rips vapes produce pure botanical-filled vapor that is gentle on the throat and lungs.  

Vaping with This Thing Rips vaporizers is also a highly efficient way to deliver the natural benefits of extracts, waxes, and isolates to your systems. The pathway the active compounds in the botanicals travel from the lungs to the bloodstream happens nearly instantaneously. Once you draw in the vapor produced from the This Thing Rips vape, the active ingredients diffuse into your body through the lungs almost immediately. This is particularly advantageous to botanical consumers seeking fast natural effects from their vaping sessions.  

The vapor produced by This Thing Rips pen-style vapes dissipates quickly and doesn’t linger of clothes, furniture, or other fabrics. Any odor produced by the vapor will dissipate in a minute or two, so you can enjoy your sessions knowing you won’t disturb your family members, roommates, or neighbors.  

Built with portability in mind, This Thing Rips vapes allow you to enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of vaping concentrates, no matter where life takes you. These sleek and highly portable vape pens easily slip into pockets and purses, and heat quickly so that you can discreetly enjoy your vape sessions while you’re on-the-go. This Thing Rips vaporizer pens come with convenient USB chargers to make recharging easy, no matter where you are.

This Thing Rips vaporizers vary in design, yet all are made specifically for vaping concentrates and extract oils. These concentrated botanicals contain concentrated amounts of active compounds, which means they deliver more intense effects when vaped.

This Thing Rips vaporizers are also equipped with quartz coil atomizers, which are known to be more inert than ceramic ones. This means you’ll enjoy pure vapor flavor and larger, milkier draws. A quick search for ‘This Thing Rips Review’ will offer some perspective of the quality and reliability of This Thing Rips vapes.

Types of ThisThingRips Vaporizers Available

Medical Marijuana, Inc. has curated the most popular and high-performing vape pens from This Thing Rips, including the This Thing Rips Roil Gen3 Vaporizer and the This Thing Rips ReMIX Vaporizer. Both are premium portable vape pens with advanced features that allow you to vape away from home without sacrificing flavor or cloud production.

ThisThingRips Roil Gen3 Vaporizer

Enjoy the rejuvenating experience of vaping both botanical waxes and isolate powders (like RSHO™ CBD Isolate Powder) with the This Thing Rips Roil Gen3 Vaporizer. This pocket-friendly vape pen is slim and lightweight, yet packs a high-grade ceramic coilless atomizer and a powerful variable voltage 650mAh battery for intensely flavored pulls. The Roil Gen3 wax pen heats and is ready to go in 5 seconds, perfect for taking quick draws on the fly. Its smart battery will automatically revert back to the last temperature you vaped at, and a new forged mouthpiece makes discreet sips comfortable.

With every order of the This Thing Rips Roil Gen3 Vaporizer, you’ll get the Roil GEN3 Battery, 2 Coilless Ceramic Atomizers, a Stainless Steel Tool, a VaporBlast Mouthpiece, a Classic Visual Reaction Chamber Mouthpiece, a USB Hyper-Charging Cable, a Silicon Storage Station, and an Instruction Manual.

ThisThingRips ReMIX Vaporizer

The ReMIX Vaporizer is the latest innovative wax pen from the forward-thinking team at This Thing Rips. The This Thing Rips ReMIX touts groundbreaking new updates, including a more efficient heating chamber, an advanced airflow system, and an ultra-discreet design. With its lightweight and sleek body, the This Thing Rips ReMIX wax pen is a perfect choice for any extract enthusiasts seeking sophistication as they vape on the go.

The This Thing Rips R Series ReMIX vaporizer rethinks the wax pen with its coilless atomizer with double wall thermal cup. This innovative new thermal cup doubles up on conductivity and helps maintain the ideal vaping temperature for reliably tasty draws. The ReMIX vape pen from This Thing Rips touts a 6500 micro amp battery with a microchip processor that heats in a rapid 5 seconds and holds twice the charge. Like the Roil Gen3, the ReMix features a smart battery that remembers your last vaping temperature.

With every order of the This Thing Rips ReMIX vaporizer, you’ll receive the ThisThingRips ReMIX Battery, 2 Ceramic Thermal Cup Atomizers, a Discreet Pen Cap, an XL Polycarbonate Visual Reaction Chamber, a Mouthpiece, an XXL Patented SURE-GRIP Silicone Jar, 2 Cleaning Wipes, 2 Silicone Heat Rings, a Stainless Steel Tool, a USB Hyper-Charging Cable, and an Instruction Manual.

Where to Buy ThisThingRips Vaporizers

Shop the Medical Marijuana, Inc. online shop today to start enjoying the natural benefits of vaping extracts and isolate powder with the best vape pens from This Thing Rips.

Our online shop also carries concentrate storage containers and other vaping accessories to maximize your vaping experience with your This Thing Rips wax pen.