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About TightVac Storage Containers

TightVac containers come from Tightpac America Inc., an industry leader in vacuum sealed containers. Founded in 2005, Tightpac America has invented and developed two unique patented vacuum systems, including its TightVac vacuum-sealed storage container system aimed at long-term preservation of dried and fresh goods.

TightVac containers from Tightpac America come in multiple sizes, meeting your needs for at-home or on-the-go herbal storage. These innovative storage containers protect your herbs from exposure to light, air, and moisture, and are an excellent solution to long and short term storage.

Advantages of a TightVac Storage Container

There are many advantages of storing your favorite dry herbs and other botanical materials in TightVac storage containers.

  • Patented Partial Vacuum System: TightVac containers feature a patented partial vacuum system that keeps moisture and oxygen out, while allowing gas buildup to escape slowly. This unique system preserves herbs and other goods for one year or longer. TightVac’s button-closure system makes it easy to get in and out of your container and reseals every time without any pumping.

  • Preserves the Flavor, Aroma, and Integrity of Herbs: Your favorite dry herbs will taste, smell, smoke, and vaporize their best when they’re kept fresh in sealable containers like those from TightVac.

  • Long-Term Storage: TightVac storage containers are built with long-term preservation in mind. TightVac’s partial vacuum system is able to preserve herbs for one year and beyond.

  • Made of BPA Plastic: TightVac containers are made of extremely durable NSF International and FDA-approved materials. This BPA-free plastic helps ensure the safety of your herbs and smoking or vaping sessions.

  • Saves Money: By preserving your dry herbs over the long-term, TightVac storage containers allow you to buy your favorite herbs in bulk, saving you money.

A quick search for 'TightVac review' will reveal the reliability and quality of these innovative herb storage containers. TightVac containers are among the best dry herb containers out there.

Types of TightVac Storage Containers Available

Medical Marijuana, Inc. offers top quality storage options from TightVac to make sure you get your money’s worth with your favorite dry herbs. We offer the TightVac in two sizes: .57L and 2.35L. These various TightVac sizes offer both portable and at-home storage solutions.

TightVac Container - .57L

At about 5.7 inches in height, the .57L TightVac container is a conveniently compact option for preserving your botanical herbs. Perfect for casual dry herb consumers or those looking to take their flower on-the-go, the .57L TightVac Container holds and protects a half ounce to an ounce of your favorite dry flower. Even if you are always on the road, the TightVac Closure System with button release valve keeps your herbs as fresh as they day you bought them for up to a year.

The .57L TightVac Container comes in three color options: clear, solid, and tint.

TightVac Container - 2.35L

Built more for at-home storage, the larger 2.35L TightVac Container is about 10 ¼-inches tall and holds up to 4 ounces or more. Like the .57L herb container, the 2.35L capacity TightVac container is equipped with the highly-effective patented button-release seal system that preserves and protects the integrity of your herbs for up to a year. This larger herb container is ideal for storing larger amounts or herbs on a kitchen counter or in a cabinet.

The TightVac Container - 2.35L is also available in clear, solid, and tint color options.

Where to Buy TightVac Storage Containers

Medical Marijuana, Inc. is your trusted source of tools and accessories you need to ensure the best smoking, dabbing, or vaping experiences. You can find the best TightVac storage containers for your dry herbs in our online shop.

Pair your TightVac herb container with a grinder, pipe, or dry herb vaporizer to maximize your herbal experience.

Looking for more information on using TightVac containers? Learn everything you need to know about properly storing your dry herb and herbal extracts to preserve their quality with our How to Use Storage Accessories guide.