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About Vapium

Since its launch in 2013, Vapium has remained committed to delivering consumer-centered, award-winning vaporizers that allow for discreet, safe, and responsible vaping. In their effort to build high-quality portable vaporizers and accessories that both dry herb beginners and aficionados can rely on, Vapium utilizes only the best, medical-grade materials available.

Self-described as a group of adventurers who are passionate about technology, Vapium equips their portable dry herb vaporizers with all the characteristics a vaping consumer needs -- precise temperature control, fast heating capabilities, ultra-compact designs, efficient heating methods, and smooth and easy draws.

Every Vapium vaporizer is medically manufactured in an ISO certified factory, and high-quality engineering ensures that it can reliably perform while managing everyday use and travel. Vapium offers a 1-year limited warranty on every Vapium vaporizer, guaranteeing their products are free of malfunction due to defects in materials or workmanship.

While striving to create the gold standard of vaporizers and accessories, Vapium also offer a unique level of affordability that make a Vapium vaporizer more accessible to anyone seeking a high-performing portable vape. The company is based out of Toronto.

Advantages of Vaping with a Vapium Vaporizer

Vaping with a Vapium vaporizer offers unique advantages that appeal to health-conscious consumers looking for an efficient and safe way to experience the natural benefits of dry herbs.

Vaping is more popular than ever before, largely due to it being a safer and more lung-friendly inhalation method for consuming botanical materials. A Vapium vaporizer, and others like it, use conduction to heat dry herbs to a much lower temperature. By avoiding combustion (burning), a Vapium vaporizer doesn’t create the harmful toxins, carcinogens, carbon monoxide, particulate matter, and other dangerous byproducts like smoking does, so it helps protect your lungs and throat.

Compared to other consumption methods, vaping with the help of a Vapium vaporizer is also a much more efficient way to enjoy dry herbs. Once you take a pull of the botanical vapor produced by a Vapium vaporizer, the active compounds are absorbed through the lungs and delivered to your bloodstream nearly immediately. Anyone seeking fast natural botanical effects will appreciate this benefit of a vaporizer like the ones from Vapium.

Vapium has set out to build the best possible portable vaporizer, and as such the company focuses on crafting conveniently-sized devices that will fit in a pocket, bag, or purse. With its compact design and handy USB charging cable, a Vapium vaporizer allows you to take your vaping sessions with you wherever you go.

Also, unlike smoke, the vapor produced by a Vapium vaporizer won’t cause odors to accumulate on clothes, hair, or fabrics. Botanical vapor and any odor dissipates in minutes, so you can enjoy vaping with your Vapium vaporizer knowing you won’t disturb family members, roommates, neighbors, or anyone else around you.

A High-Quality Vapium Vaporizer

A Vapium vaporizer offers both portability and performance, the perfect combination if you’re looking to enjoy the natural benefits of vaping dry herbs. You’ll find this Vapium vaporizer available in the Medical Marijuana, Inc. online shop:

Vapium Lite Vaporizer

The Vapium Lite Vaporizer is an ultra-compact dry herb vaporizer designed for flavorful sessions while on-the-go or at home. Equipped with a pure ceramic heating chamber and an advanced clean air path, the Vapium Lite portable vape will have you savoring each draw. This portable vaporizer from Vapium offers you eight different temperature ranges (356°F-446°F), allowing you to tailor the flavor and cloud production of your sessions.

An ideal portable vape for all users, the Vapium Lite Vaporizer features a simple interface with straightforward +/- buttons to control temperature and multi-colored lights to convey your setting. Charging the Vapium vaporizer battery is easy thanks to the included USB-C charger cable. The Vapium Lite also comes with a convenient cleaning brush so you can wipe away any resin.

Where to Buy a Vapium Vaporizer

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