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About Wax & Concentrate Vaporizers

It’s no surprise that wax vaporizers and concentrate vaporizers have quickly become the go-to device for experiencing the potent natural benefits of botanical wax and CBD concentrates. Vaporizers designed for vaping wax and concentrates are electrical devices that precisely and evenly heat botanical materials to their respective vaporization points, releasing their beneficial compounds in clouds of inhalable vapor.

Wax vaporizers are available in various sizes and shapes, ensuring you’ll find one that aligns with your preferences, lifestyle, and price considerations. Choose between larger, at-home tabletop vaporizers that offer unmatched functionality and precision, or smaller portable concentrate vaporizers designed to fit in the palm and take on the go.

If you are looking for a safe and efficient way to enjoy the natural benefits of botanical extracts like wax or oil, you’ll appreciate wax and concentrate vaporizers and all they have to offer.

Benefits of Wax or Concentrate Vaporizers

Vaping botanical waxes and concentrates with vaporizers has quickly emerged as a preferred method because of its many advantages. Wax and concentrate vaporizers offer a reliable and safe way to experience the natural benefits of botanical extracts.

Vaporizers allow you to enjoy the powerful benefits of oils, waxes, and concentrates while avoiding the toxins, carcinogens, and respiratory irritants that come from smoking. Instead of combustion, wax and concentrate vaporizers utilize convection or conduction heating methods to safely heat up materials to their boiling points, producing clouds of pure, clean botanical vapor that is gentle on the lungs and throat.

Vaping with vaporizers designed for waxes, oils and concentrates is also an efficient way to experience the extracts’ natural benefits. Concentrates, as their name suggests, contain concentrated amounts of active compounds. Once you inhale the botanical-filled vapor, those beneficial ingredients in the waxes and concentrates quickly diffuse into the bloodstream through the lungs in minutes.

Most wax vaporizers come in portable, battery-powered devices that fit comfortably in the palm for discreet, on-the-go vaping. These travel-friendly wax concentrate pen vaporizers are extremely easy to use and are ready to go wherever life takes you.

Using Wax Concentrate Vaporizers

Concentrate vaporizers use electricity or battery power to heat botanical extracts in the form or wax, oil, or liquid to their vaporization point, producing clean, flavorful clouds that you can inhale.

Most wax concentrate vaporizers are compact, battery-powered vape pens made up of three components: a battery, an atomizer, and a cartridge or tank. Some of these wax pen vaporizers come as a complete pen, while others allow you to buy the pieces separately for customization or replacement of vaporizer components.

The cartridge, sometimes called a tank or pod, is where you dispense your herbal extract. Some wax and concentrate vaporizers come with dabbing tools to make loading easy. Once your cartridges are filled, they are usually designed to fit a specific battery. Others, however, are universally sized to fit any standard 510 thread vaporizer battery.

There are also wax and concentrate dab vaporizers available that mimic the design of a dab-rig with glass water filtration. Rather than loading waxes and concentrates into a cartridge, they’re placed on a hot quartz, ceramic, or titanium nail, producing botanical vapor that is filtered by water before reaching the mouthpiece.

Preserve the freshness of your waxy concentrates and extracts when not in use by keeping them in silicone storage containers that protect it from exposure to light and air.

What Are Your Choices?

Medical Marijuana, Inc. has curated a selection of the the best wax and concentrate vapes in every category so that you can find one that fits your needs, lifestyle, and price range.

In our online shop, you’ll find extract vaporizers from the market’s top manufacturers, including Storz & Bickel, KandyPens, Boundless, Yocan, Atmos, #ThisThingRips, and Dr. Dabber. Here are some of our selections:

For the ultimate in functionality and precision, the Storz & Bickel Volcano is a high-performing tabletop vaporizer that offers true convection heating system and precision temperature control. A rotary wheel makes managing temperature settings easy, and vapor is delivered in a balloon that can then be attached and savored at your own pace.

Wax vaping enthusiasts who value versatility and portability will appreciate the Atmos Vicod 5G, a handheld waxy concentrate vaporizer that also works with dry herbs. The Atmos Vicod 5G comes with a waxy cup and features an advanced heating system, allowing you to choose between a temperature range of 300°F -435°F for personalized vape sessions.

A clear favorite, the KandyPens Special K Vaporizer is a wax vape pen that boasts a sleek design and a high-performing heating system. Designed to look like a writing pen, the KandyPens Special K concentrate vape pen comes with two easy-to-fill glass tanks. For CBD enthusiasts, you can pair the Special K Vaporizer with CBD Vape Juice in this beginner’s pack bundle.

For reliable wax vaping performance at an affordable price, the KandyPens RUBI Vaporizer is featherlight and just 4 inches tall. This ultra-portable yet powerful vaporizer features 1 mL refillable pods for your favorite botanical waxes and e-juices, and is even available as a bundle with CBD vape liquid. It’s available in black, navy blue, rose gold, and gun metal.

Our utmost cost-conscious waxy oil vaporizer is the Honey Stick Bee Keeper, a mod-style portable vape that comes with a polished aluminum frame and an easy-to-use removable and refillable tank.

The Dr. Dabber Boostis a portable, battery-powered e-Rig for vaping botanical oils and waxes. Designed to replicate the desktop dabbing experience, the Boost wax concentrate vaporizer features an optional glass water filtration piece. With no torch needed, the Dr. Dabber Boost allows you to dab your favorite concentrates quickly and discreetly. Also from Dr. Dabber, the innovative Switch Vaporizer is a cordless e-rig design vaporizer that works with both concentrates and dry herbs. With 25 heating profiles and a beautiful hourglass-shaped glass percolator, the impressive Dr. Dabber Switch is an incredible choice for those seeking a premium dabbing-like experience.

Whether you're looking for a wax vaporizer, an ultra-portable concentrate vaporizer pen, or anything in between, we've got you covered. Looking for a vaporizer that works with dry herbs instead? Check out our collection of Dry Herb Vaporizers.